tide tables

It occurred to me that the blog would be a good place to park a Tide Table for the beaches I generally visit…

This should beat printing them out and possibly losing the printout…..  😉

Another version  (I actually like this one best for the wealth of additional information.

And then there’s our current weather…

And a WEBCAM for Bandon at Coquille Point

What our climate is like in general…

Climate Coquille
Source: U.S. Climate Data

Wind speed chart for Cape Blanco

Surf charts


2 thoughts on “tide tables

    • Hmmm… not sure which one you mean for the ‘annual view’. The tide charts seem to be monthly, or did you mean the climate graph? That one I’m not sure about though I did label it ‘Source: U.S. Climate Data’. Since that’s the only one pasted in, I’d have to hunt for the source. It’s been awhile since I put this page together and the memory ain’t so hot.


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