Travelogue -PNW

Our September trip, north along the Pacific coast…
I’ve decided that the only way I will ever keep details straight in my mind is to post it in sequence.

So with map, calendar, a bit of google, date/time stamps on images and Eric’s better memory, I’ll attempt some semblance of order…. Someone suggested I keep notes. The best I could handle to resemble anything like that was, quickly scrawled notations for miles traveled (almost) each day on the map. No smart phones.

Day 2 – Beverly Beach, OR to Cape Disappointment, WA (I didn’t think to record miles until the next day) – estimated miles 150 (240 km).
(as always, click on an image for a closer look – look for the ‘X’ to get back to the post)

The second day… we took the scenic Three Capes loop as we headed north. The day was a bit sullen, but it never actually rained until that night.

PNW_trip-06212A Pelican hangout at Netarts Bay. It’s hard to tell from a distance, but so many Pelicans naturally caught my eye.

PNW_trip-06217An iconic shot at Garibaldi -Tillamook Bay with the Cormorant tree…

PNW_trip-06224Eventually we arrived at Astoria, the northern most city along the Oregon Coast. Here, a rather strange metallic wild hog… or something?

PNW_trip-06226A preserved theater caught my eye. Some are more impressive than others. I liked this one.

And then… gasp…

PNW_trip-06232I have to admit that the Astoria Bridge has always given me the willies. There’s just something about that very tall first rise that looks like it drops into the mighty Columbia River. I’ve never attempted it on my own. At least with Eric driving I could distract myself by shooting pictures. Yes, no tripod and shooting from a moving vehicle. But undoubtedly you get the idea.

PNW_trip-06234On the approach to the bridge over Astoria…

PNW_trip-06235This looks like a relatively normal bridge, until….

PNW_trip-06237there’s that precipitous drop halfway across the river.

PNW_trip-06238Crossing the mighty Columbia River, the border between Oregon and Washington.

PNW_trip-06244Washington straight ahead.

PNW_trip-06246Looking back at the bridge from quite a distance. Shows just how wide the mouth of the Columbia is. The lovely clouds couldn’t be beat that evening.

We camped at Cape Disappointment State Park that night. The sunset was certainly no disappointment. If you’re at all curious about how it got its name- here’s the link.

Not all those who wander are lost. 
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring


33 thoughts on “Travelogue -PNW

    • Thank you for the kind words. I had avoided that bridge for years, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated since I wasn’t doing the driving. That sunset was astonishing. It’s that wet sand during a very low tide that creates a good part of the magic. I was very happy to catch even a glimpse of the beautiful spectacle.

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  1. Wonderful photos and narrative (as always). I have driven across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge quite a few times; I always think I should be more scared than I am. Almost like my brain is trying to sabotage me! I definitely want to do the Bridge-Tunnel someday: show it who’s boss.


  2. It is really handy to travel with someone whose memory for place names, etc. is better – I know that firsthand! 😉 I love the Beverley Beach photos, so moody….and the Liberty Theater is a beauty! I like the first and last two bridge photos a lot, too. Quite a span! but the best are all those sunset on the beach images at Cape Disappointment – wow! Gorgeous!!


    • Just one of the reasons I keep him around… so to speak. 😉 Have to agree about the Beverly Beach photos being moody. I haven’t caught the north end of our coast in anything but moody very much, or so it seems. Have you ever been on the Chesapeake Bridge-Tunnel in your travels? I remember taking the ferry they had before they built the bridge-tunnel. I’m not sure a could endure crossing that one. Just looking at the sequence I shot of us going over that bridge gives my stomach a twitch.
      My welcome to Washington with that marvelous sunset was a sheer delight.


      • I don’t think I ever crossed the Chesapeake there….I might get a little queasy on some bridges, but not usually. There were moments when I wondered about driving on the Alaska Viaduct in Seattle in an earthquake, but I’m never confronted with that any more. 🙂


  3. Love this photographic trek you took us on 🙂 The Astoria Bridge is one of those awesome sights I get excited about every time I see it… And then your find stop with sunsets at Cape Disappointment is perfect.


    • So very glad to have you along. As for the Astoria bridge… I think you have to be a fan of roller coaster to like/love it. I suppose you can tell which category I fall into! 😀 That sunset at Cape Disappointment was spectacular. Captured my favorite shot of Eric and the pup (though his comment that Sissy had him on a leash was funny!)


  4. Have to say, Gunta, many of those photos look very familiar. Peggy and I spent a couple of weeks on the North Coast this spring— first near Tillamook and then up on the Washington Coast. My favorites: the sunset shots at low tide and the Astoria theater. –Curt


    • Salt? I suppose I need to try some googling. To be honest, though, we didn’t spend a great deal of time chugging up the Oregon coast. The major objective was to get to the rainforest.


  5. Gasp is right! I had no idea that bridge was so scary. So glad you made it across, though, and found that gorgeous evening waiting on the other side. Just when I have myself convinced I can just live here happily enough, I read one of your posts and realize, nope!


    • The bridge wasn’t so bad with Eric driving. I suspect I might have been more nervous had I been behind the wheel. It’s pretty nice when you live someplace that you’re happy with. I saw a bumper sticker in town one day that said: “My life is better than your vacation”. I thought that was sort of rubbing it in for our visitors, but it does have some truth to it. 😉


    • It reminds me of a roller coaster, too. I suppose the difference being that I was on a roller coaster once… never again! 😦 The Astoria bridge was far too similar for my taste, though we didn’t go fast.


  6. Lovely scenery along the coast, but I think that bridge might leave me a bit nervous too. It seems to drop alarmingly after the tall upper pylons are left behind. It almost looks like you’re going to drop into the river.


    • I agree about the bridge. It’s a bit alarming, but wasn’t as bad once you got to the lower part. Just a normal bridge. There IS a bridge over on the Atlantic Coast that crosses the Chesapeake Bay that combines a bridge and tunnel. It goes underwater in the middle of the Bay to let ships pass. If you google images for Chesapeake Bay Bridge–Tunnel, you’ll see what I mean. That’s one you’d never get me to take! O_o

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