One of my favorite days of the year. The shortest, but it marks a time when daylight thinks about sticking around a bit longer even if we don’t actually feel it for a bit.


Finishing off the trip home from Portland. I can’t get enough of that silver sparkle on the ocean. It’s pure magic.


My best buddy at my side. Life is good! 😊

Just for fun here’s a slide show (unedited) of the drive starting with Port Orford… we were too tired to stop and the weather was a bit ugly but the sunset was so terrific  I had to keep shooting with the point ‘n shoot as we drove along. Watch for the road signs and power poles and the ones where we hit the bumps in the road… not to mention the one where the flash went off  and I had the window closed. But you couldn’t ask for a nicer contrast to big city gridlock.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last, but not least… Sissy so glad to be home!


Make your mistakes, take your chances, look silly, but keep on going. Don’t freeze up. 
― Thomas WolfeYou Can’t Go Home Again


27 thoughts on “HAPPY SOLSTICE

  1. What a lovely journey you take us on, Gunta, the seaside and sunsets, so peaceful and expansive. I love that silvery sea shot, the first photo. Thank you for all the beauty you brought to me in 2017, I am looking forward to 2018.


    • Thanks, Curt. Perhaps my yen for the ocean shows? The pup is another favorite subject. WP seems to have a mind of its own. Not always to our liking. Thanks for soldiering on through though! 😀


  2. A stunning, stunning photo on top with that silvery shimmer, and it’s nice to see your guy and your beast, or maybe your beasts? I enjoyed the slide show – such a good idea, to post them all like that, it gives the feeling of riding along the coast at sunset, and what a pretty one it was. Happy holidays, Gunta, but you’re already smack dab in the middle of them, aren’t you?


    • That top photo was one of those precious catches that worked out as well or better than expected. As for my guy and the beast… only the one small poodle unless you’re counting Eric as one (chuckle)? Glad you enjoyed the slideshow. Taking you along for the drive was what I was hoping for. Smack dab in the middle alright! In so many ways these last few years have seemed like one long, extended holiday. Hoping the same for you and yours as well! 🎄


    • Thank you, dear Scott! I rather liked that first one as well (if I may say so), but only you would ‘admire’ the hand shot. It was surely fun to toss all of those in. It was even more fun trying to catch that glorious sunset as we rattled down the road. 😀
      Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  3. Lovely pictures and I’m so glad you included the slideshow of the sun setting. It’s such a beautiful area of your coastline and well worth sharing.

    It might be nice to visit the city occasionally, but its always better coming home to the fresh air and country/mountain sounds and scenes.


    • Thanks, Vicki. I’m glad you enjoyed the slideshow. I had a bit of fun with it. I’ve totally given up on being the photographer of my dreams… with all manual settings and tripods. I’ve decided that I can just have fun with it with my remaining years.
      The city is nice for some things, but it’s always a relief to get out of the congestion and what goes with it!

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      • Funny you should say that, Gunta. I’ve almost given up aiming for the same thing – being the photographer of my dreams. My issue is that with neck & sight deteriorating it’s just too hard to look up and all around outdoors and even harder to concentrate on the computer to see if the images are sharp or soft. My neck hurts to look to the left and then to the right to cross a road even, so I’m thinking of selling my heavy telephoto lens and giving up on bird photography.


        • I’ve been aware of your physical problems and can only offer sympathy. For me it’s age that’s starting to limit what I can expect to accomplish. In a way I feel a sense of relief that I can quit the struggle to be perfect and simply enjoy what it is I can do. Wishing you warm and happy holidays! 🎄

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    • Thanks, Liesl. It’s one that came closest to catching the magic of mist and reflected sun on the water. A phenomenon I see often, but isn’t easy to capture. The trip was fun despite the gridlock. How can people stand to live with that?


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