trip to the Big City

Heading East on Hwy 42, I had just commented that we breezed through two stops for construction and then… northcoast-0054

This rock wall is what I stared at for perhaps ten minutes before we moved through the third construction stop. This was a long drive taking roughly eight hours, which included a few stops along the way and what seemed liked hours stuck in gridlock traffic.  Welcome to Portland! Made us both mighty glad we live in the boonies. At least one stop was a favorite restaurant in Eugene.

northcoast-4070Here you see the objective for the long drive… our new home away from home. There’s likely to be more about the new rig as time goes on.

northcoast-4073After dinner at our favorite restaurant (Tarboush), we headed north to the Ridgefield  National Refuge in Washington. We saw quite a few tundra swans as we approached the refuge.

northcoast-4102A closer look. (Those are Mallards swimming to the left of the swan. I’m not sure what the duck behind the swan was.)

northcoast-4104Evening was approaching and the day was quite overcast (and cold compared to our weather back on the coast). Not the greatest lighting for acceptable photography, but a nice enough walk since we were prepared for the weather.

northcoast-4091One that got away (rough legged hawk?)

northcoast-4111A common snipe.

northcoast-4076Oak trees silhouetted against a sky turning pink.

northcoast-4079Swans heading across the pink sky. The blue wings seemed strange, but it isn’t due to any photo editing. Perhaps some trick of the fading light. Thus ended the first trial run with the new camper. We’re looking forward to lots more adventures in it. We even survived another episode of gridlock going back to Portland.

northcoast-4162Next day it was back to the coast for a stop in Newport.

northcoast-4123A view of the graceful Yaquina Bay Bridge. Our favorite bridge of the many spanning the bays and rivers along the coast.

northcoast-2348We stopped at another favorite restaurant (Local Ocean ) looking out on one of the busier ports of the Oregon coast with its fleet of commercial and pleasure fishing craft, plus research vessels and the U.S. Coast Guard, not to mention the barking sea lions, seals and ducks. Above another look at the new camper. The top lifts up making the camper tall enough for Eric to stand up in it. I’m sure there will be more details as we find our way around in it.

northcoast-4121northcoast-4151northcoast-4122A very busy place.

northcoast-4141Sea lions barking at a common loon, or perhaps just to hear themselves bark.

northcoast-4145A bufflehead swimming in the colored ripples reflected from nearby boats.

northcoast-4161A duck (probably the bufflehead) caught in mid-dive. I couldn’t resist the fancy ripples in this one.

northcoast-4156Then catching this dive was fun because while the duck’s tail was caught above water, if you look closely, you can see the neck and head visible underwater pointed toward the bottom right corner.

northcoast-2358northcoast-2360A walk along Agate Beach with the new boots! I had to walk clear out to the water at low tide to properly initiate them. They’re nice and warm and waterproof! Looks like the horizon tilted while I was looking at the boots. 😀

So great to be back on the coast once again!

I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen. 
― A.A. Milne



24 thoughts on “trip to the Big City

  1. Another visual feast. I’d think I’d found a favorite, only to scroll down and be wowed all over again. I love the duck in the colored ripples.
    Looks like a great camper. We’ve talked about getting something like this.


  2. Oh **** my comment didn’t post. My fault. Anyway, I feel the happiness here, and I’m so happy for you! There’s so much to love here, too – from the photos of you testing the new waterproof boots, to the snipe (gotta love them!), the oak tree, the boats – what a place to explore that would be! – and last but not at all least, the camper. Wow, you guys are brilliant, that looks like the best camper there is – so compact for driving and then extendable to your (I mean his) height – just wonderful. I’m so happy for you, and can’t wait to see it in action. A successful trip, gridlock or not!


    • Thanks, Lynn… a successful trip indeed. I really shouldn’t complain about the big city traffic we encounter so infrequently, but it rather sucks when you’re not used to it. Thanks to Eric, you get to see the new boots! Newport is a marvelous place to explore. You ought to try it sometime. We could even meet up halfway? We’ve been tossing around ideas for the first trip in the camper. We seem to be leaning toward south to the redwoods. We were wanting something relatively close to see how it all fits before we go for a longer journey. I’ll be sure to ‘take you along’! 😀


    • Thanks, Donna. We are pretty excited about the new camper, but when you can call this spectacular coastline home, a simple rig like ours seems plenty for the occasional adventure we have in mind. It should be fun! For the moment plans are for the SW perhaps a month from now… then a bit later it may be north up the Olympic Peninsula… maybe up into BC. We dream and make the dreams come as close as possible… eventually.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I am in love with the Oregon coast, especially this southern section! It seems as though it’s what I’ve been yearning for all of my life! But then a little bit of travel keeps it all alive somehow! Looking forward to some desert scenes in about a month or more!


      • PS Well, we are pretty close to home. What made me hit the follow button for your blog was your mention of wildfire near the Applegate. We were going through much of the same smoke/smog and pending evacuation with the Chetco Bar Fire before you headed off to Burning Man!


      • I certainly identify with both thoughts, Gunta. Peggy and I live in a gorgeous location and I love it here. But I also am always eager to hit the open road. We will be off in the desert and Southwest come April/May. –Curt


    • Can’t wait to head out in it! We’re thinking a couple of short trips not too far to try it out and see if it needs any modifying. Eric has already been hooking up the solar panels, so today we have a downpour after over a week of sunshine! Love the changing weather!

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