guess who’s coming to dinner

There’s a very, very tall Doug Fir tree at the end of our driveway. It seems to have been hit by lightning so that the top is bare, but the branches below still live on. Apparently this Osprey caught a fish from the creek and decided to perch there in order to enjoy his catch. Fair warning to any who may be a bit squeamish about the poor fish- the slideshow is a bit graphic….


We call him Ozzie. He’s been seen rather often perched on this particular tree.


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Goal: Clean air, clean clear-running rivers, the presence of Pelican and Osprey and Gray Whale in our lives; salmon and trout in our streams; unmuddied language and good dreams.
― Gary Snyder,Β Turtle Island


24 thoughts on “guess who’s coming to dinner

    • I am so utterly lucky to be in a place where I get to see these creatures up close (though these were shot with the 300 mm zoom and cropped VERY heavily). As for diving… this time of year our creek is pretty low. He wouldn’t need to do the spectacular dive from way up high that you might be thinking of. Too many trees for one thing and catching a fish in the creek before the major rains start is like catching them in a barrel. We have, however, seen an occasional wild dive out in the much bigger Rogue River. They are such amazing creatures!


      • That must have been quite a sight. There is reportedly a nesting pair that lives in a nature preserve not far from Chicago. People talk about seeing them dive into the lake there. It is interesting that they wouldn’t always hunt that way.
        It is so funny to observe my reactions to your posts…I’m always about ready to snatch up my suitcase and race out there myself! πŸ™‚ The time will go by quickly now, though.


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