the list with no end in sight…

All the little jobs that need doing to make this place Home! The good news/bad news is that we don’t seem to be in any hurry…


I had to pull over on the way home from errands in town for these trees on a hillside peeking out above the fog. Lovely, wonderful, splendid fog… it just feels so good after the hot, dry, smoky summer. From where I sit at the computer, I see the wind stirring the leaves of the alders. Once in awhile an occasional leaf drifts to the ground. I expect that quite soon they will fall and my view might expand.


This shot showed up from August 19, just before the fire took over our lives, so to speak. I like the juxtaposition of before and after colors… it also shows the extent of my reach. Since I broke the ankle (2009), which tended to make my sense of balance a bit iffy, I dared to go only two steps up the stepladder. Luckily I have rather long(ish) arms. You can see the extent of my reach at the bottom half of the outer wall, while Eric filled in where I didn’t dare to go. I’m not sure what happened there at the bottom… whether I’ve gone back to paint it -I think I did, but who can remember at this point? (I went out to look and it has been painted.) The trim doesn’t show on this backside of the house, but I’m pretty pleased with the color I chose.

Not knowing when the dawn will come
I open every door. 
― Emily DickinsonThe Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson


19 thoughts on “the list with no end in sight…

    • Long arms do help and I DO try to do my share. 😀 I’ve hated the green (metal) roof from the gitgo, but I think we succeeded in toning it down quite a bit. ALL the trim was green against the cream color. I love green in nature, but have never been fond of human created green. The red seemed to tone it down nicely… oops, you didn’t get to see that until the next post! 😀


    • It’s wonderful finding these quotes that I love and others enjoy. The color was chosen by Eric and I think he did a great job. I was left to come up with the trim color and I think that turned out quite well. You’ll have to wait until I find the perfect shot to show it off. 😀

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  1. I love the idea that you’re sitting at the computer, wondering what you’ll see when the leaves are off the trees. It’s good to see the fog, and Eric painting, though I guess that part is pretty much done. Glad you’re opening doors. A happy post.


    • Back at the computer, sitting here watching the aspen branches swaying in the breeze is turning into a very special treat. There seems to be no end to the painting. The exterior is getting close to done, but E still has to tear off some funky shed-like structures before we tackle that. Luckily it’s a smaller area to paint than the rest of the house. We finished up the windows this weekend except in the kitchen… which will likely turn into the next major project. More on that later.
      Opening doors is all part of the magic of life. 😀


    • The fire came far too close for comfort, but all’s well that ends well. Thanks, I really like the color much better than that cream from before. I’m also very pleased with the color I chose for the trim. I’ll have to post something that shows it one of these days. We’re still pretty busy trying to get all the exterior stuff done before the winter storms come roaring in.

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