seen in the neighborhood


The berries are drying up and there’s only been one pie… perhaps someone’s been a bit too keen to tame the vines? They DO have a tendency to take over though.


Then again there were lots of bodies enjoying them… “you lookin’ at me?”


Quite a few of these whispy, twisty sorts of things out there.


The red shouldered hawk in the alder across the street. Looks like he might have had his eye on something interesting. Could it be the ground squirrel digging a burrow into the bank? I’m hoping those talons are ready to take care of something that might get to be a bit of a nuisance. A nice lunch for a hawk perhaps?


I think (once upon a time) I knew what these were, but the mind is getting a bit fuzzy around the edges.


An interesting visitor to the rug I had airing on the deck. He/she seemed utterly fascinated with the rug. Flying away, but quickly returning.


Money laundering. 


He went that-a-way…. 

I realized that If I had to choose, I would rather have birds than airplanes. 
In wilderness I sense the miracle of life, and behind it our scientific accomplishments fade to trivia. Real freedom lies in wildness, not in civilization. 
― Charles A. Lindbergh



27 thoughts on “seen in the neighborhood

  1. Sweeeet! I love the doe, the hawk, on that heavily lichen-covered branch – and all the rest. But especially the Tshirt and bills….oops! Love the Lindberg quote too. Coming from him, that says something.
    The wispy guys are fireweed gone to seed. The butterfly looked familiar, but actually I don’t think I’ve seen it before. I do think I found it though – the California Sister, Adelpha californica. That fantastic seedhead is a sedge – I see that around here and forget which kind it is – but luckily I keyworded my photo of it in LR, so I tracked it down. Cyperus eragrostis, Nutgrass or Lovegrass sedge. Do you know the saying, Sedges have edges, rushes are round? Just run your hand up the stem and you’ll at least narrow that part down. Happy weekend to you!


    • Lovely comment (as usual!) I’m wishing I could just hang out and discover all that’s around me here, but still much left to do. I’m sure I noticed the fireweed on the bank behind the house, but didn’t recognize it gone to seed. It’s pretty cool either way. A HUGE thanks for the botany lessons and help! The California Sister must have flown up for a visit. We’re not that far from the border here. Eric knew the saying about the sedges, but I’m pretty much an ignoramus when it comes to plant life in the wild.
      Yes, it was a happy weekend. We made enough progress to satisfy. Hope yours was also whatever you wished.


  2. It’s so lovely just to take the time to see the little treasures around us – looks like you have a perfect spot to do just that. Fun photos and a truthful quote…thank goodness the fires have passed!


    • I had to document the ‘money laundering’ when E somehow managed to get some bills a bit sticky… What else does one do, but rinse them and hang them out to dry! We truly enjoy all the visitors we have here. The move has turned out to be a lovely blessing!


  3. I loved this post, Gunta. All the fun and beauty you have in your yard, loved seeing the berries and then the guilty-looking deer (with funny words), interesting plants and butterfly behavior, the money laundering joke and the creative pointing trunk. All of it fit perfectly with Charles Lindbergh’s wise words, because there really isn’t anything so interesting or free as the life of nature.


    • I’m thrilled that you enjoyed these tidbits I put together! I’m finally settling into the new house, bit by bit, and loving it! (“because there really isn’t anything so interesting or free as the life of nature.”) Thanks, Jet for visiting!

      Liked by 1 person

    • The neighborhood seems to be making every dream of mine come true. Life is good! The doe, I think was pretty tame, because she just stood around and let me take the time to get a better shot than I’ve managed in the past! Thanks, ever so much, for the visit and comment. It’s very much appreciated.


    • Thanks! Seems our deer are getting so acclimated to humans that this one stood there and posed, giving me plenty of time for a decent shot! Wish all the critters were as cooperative.


    • Gotta give us ‘A’ for effort with the money laundering I suppose? We did have plenty of berries, both on our acre and surrounding us everywhere, but the settling process is taking awhile and the fire slowed things down by keeping us indoors and taking away motivation: what IF the fire did burn the house down? Things do look a lot tidier with the vines tamed just a bit. Eric looks so macho with his machete!!! 😀


  4. What a clever observation with that last shot.
    (I’m forgetting the names of lots of flowers these days, now I live away from the Botanic Gardens and see few wildflowers).


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