two whole minutes of rain

I awoke to what sounded like a deluge on our metal roof. Pity it only lasted for a couple of minutes. I didn’t realize how much I had missed that sound and the marvelous scent of fresh rain after a summer-long drought. Not enough moisture to help with the fires and hopefully there was no lightning inland where it likely didn’t get the rain, but it lifted my sagging spirits nevertheless.

We drove by the fire camp (again) yesterday. With E at the wheel, I had a chance to shoot from the side of the highway where you could see more of the hundreds of little tents. Not much opportunity for a better shot since we were on the side of a major highway, but it gives you an idea. At least it looks like the breeze off the ocean cleared away much of the smoke.


I did crop one for a better look at the tents. With the smoke lessened, it’s possible to see that the crews have a nice location overlooking the beach. That’s a fishing boat up in the top left. I think that clump of orange tents (just right of center) is cute – all color coordinated:


But then there’s a puzzle.


I know it’s an impossible shot. Circumstances didn’t allow for a change of lens for a closer/better look, but we’re wondering what that field of red might be. Color looks about right for Amaranth, but something looks a bit off. Lynn? Any guesses?

Last, but not least, we had to add to E’s collection of wildfire T-shirts. They did a really nice job including the eclipse (the day that the fire pretty much exploded) and the lightning streaks that started it. They also show the Chetco gravel bar where it all started. One smart-a## we ran into thought they should have called it the “Chetco Bar and Grill”. I think I’ll appreciate the humor more once the fire is truly under control.


Always remember people who have helped you along the way, and don’t forget to lift someone up. 
― Roy T. BennettThe Light in the Heart

We are so grateful for the amazing firefighters protecting us. It can’t be easy!


15 thoughts on “two whole minutes of rain

  1. I have to admit, Chetco Bar & Grill is pretty funny! And T shirts already, well I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m glad you had a touch of rain anyway, and the fog. We might get a drizzle tomorrow, but we might not. It’s ironic that the firefighters are camped near a blazing red field full of…I don’t know! Maybe you’ll get closer one of these days? Sorry! Have a good weekend Gunta!


    • The t-shirts are a “thing” with the firefighters apparently. We tried to head up to the mountain top where we had hoped to watch the eclipse, but the National Guard stopped us this time. It’s good that they’re guarding access to those areas ESPECIALLY for the folks who have been evacuated.

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  2. So glad to catch up with your posts, Gunta! I’m trying to get started again myself. Those fires can be scary. Last summer during our RV travels, we were close to five total, and many times our campground was smokey. Thankfully we have men and women who work hard and long hours to fight these tremendous blazes. I have a son-in-law who is a volunteer firefighter, so I know the worry of the families who support their efforts and skills. God Bless each one of them! Stay safe!


    • We had what looked like snow falling from the sky a couple of days ago. I suspect we’re a bit closer to the source than you are. Those couple of minutes of rain were truly delicious. Hope you get some, too. Hope we all get more. Then again they’re predicting flash floods now. I think Mother Earth is miffed at us humans. 😦

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