Smoke and fog makes for lots of smog… though I’m wishing it was more fog than smoke.


An eerie orange moon last night.


Helicopters with water buckets flying over our house.


Heading out to Cape Sebastian for a look around. The smog to the south very nearly blocks the view of the coast.


Looking north back at Cape Sebastian.


Smoky sky looking toward Pistol River. If it jumps the Pistol River there isn’t a whole lot left to stop it in our direction… other than favorable weather and brave firefighters.


The sun filtered through the smog…


The waves reflecting orange sparkles created by the smoggy sun.


The bridge over Pistol River (at the right) with Cape Sebastian in the distance.


Last, but not least, I passed one of the fire camps in Brookings. As if they didn’t breathe enough smoke while they worked to put it out. It looks like they get to inhale it while they sleep in their tents. I can’t begin to express the gratitude I feel for these folks who put their lives on the line to save us and our homes.

Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other. 
― Randy PauschThe Last Lecture


23 thoughts on “smog

        • It’s a tricky situation since we live right on the edge of many miles of timberlands that extend into wilderness area. There’s an ongoing battle between timber companies and environmentalists that seems to prevent any sort of rational action towards prevention.


  1. Hurry, rain! This is intense! You’ve got it very rough these days. I was feeling bad today because up here we have smoke again, too. Ash all over the car this morning, and that weird yellow-brown light, the strange glow everything takes on. But nothing like what I see here.
    I was going to go out and photograph after my final orthopedist appointment this AM (broke that arm a year ago!) but I couldn’t face it – the air is too smoky and I don’t want to be out in it. My images wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting as yours anyway. I thank you for taking all these and showing us, and I agree, the firefighters are heroic. But really, those ocean views are just awful!!!! I hope you can escape once in a while to a cleanly A/C’ed store. Take care Gunta!


    • Yesterday (Monday) we had ash on the car (looked almost like it was snowing) and a whole lot of smoke coming from a bad direction (toward us). E stayed behind in the house while I went out to scout the above scenes. We had some luck today as the wind shifted and we had breezes coming off the ocean. They blew much of the smoke away from us. It was lovely.

      Happy Anniversary for the broken arm (if that’s appropriate?) I assume it’s healed well by now? Good plan to stay in out of the smoke. We went out today and it was hazy, but nothing like yesterday. Actually we really, really lucked out and had the heat pump installed about a month ago. It’s been a godsend keeping the house nice and cool without windows open to let in smoke… as long as the electricity doesn’t go out. So far, we’ve been OK, but the uncertainty has been a bit stressful. Rain would certainly be a good thing! 😀


  2. This seems to have been going on for so long – wish we could send our rain your way. Your photos make my eyes and throat burn so it must be bad in the real place😥First responders really do show their worth when all around us is burning – stay safe.


  3. Heavens! Still very scary however lovely the photos. It’s bizarre when you look at all that rain that was dumped on poor Houston. It almost feels like retribution but it’s the innocent who suffer. So hoping for a change in fortunes, Gunta.


  4. I do so hope conditions improve soon, Gunta. Those firefighters are incredibly brave putting themselves in such danger.
    I can only hope you get some rain……heavy rain (and no thunderstorms or lightning to make things worse).

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  5. I feel for you, with all that smoky haze and bad air! We had the same thing here today along with high temps. The smoke from the large fires near Cle Elum and near Mt Rainier National Park are wafting into Puget Sound again. It is supposed to be even worse tomorrow, creating unhealthy breathing conditions. Relief for us will begin Wednesday, as some on-shore air flow will help push away the smoke. And then rain is supposed to arrive Thursday. Yes! Rain! Something we haven’t experienced all summer! And it is supposed to hang around for several days along with much cooler temperatures. Hopefully, this will help fight the fires that are burning out of control. Take care!


    • Thanks, Peggy! Hope we all get some relief SOON! This summer seems to have turned into quite a nightmare for the entire West Coast. Wishing for some of that rain that did so much damage in the south. You take care with all that smoke drifting your way again, too!

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