a smoky saturday

Where is Smokey when you need him? …but looking back a few days when the coastal breezes pushed the smoke away from the coast… hoping for some rainkissing_rock-2874

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go… 
― Dr. SeussOh, The Places You’ll Go!


18 thoughts on “a smoky saturday

  1. We were supposed to get smoke again today, but so far it’s held off. I see a little rain in the forecast later this week – what about you guys? If not rain, then let the fog roll in and clear the air, and let the firefighters have some successes. I’ve been thinking about you…


    • Thanks for the good thoughts, Lynn. It seems as though they’re teasing us with possibilities of some moisture in the forecast, but the fire still seems to be expanding in all directions. The one that worries us most is the spread toward the last river between it and us. It’s expanded to roughly 150,000 acres the last time they posted it. The fog does seem to help some evenings as it pushes the smoke inland, giving us a bit of a break, but I really feel for the firefighters.


    • Thanks! I checked out your take on the smoky atmosphere up north. The fires are pretty nasty throughout our state (Oregon). The one closest to me, approaching 150,000 acres and growing. It’s said to be the largest in the nation (at this time). Not fun when we’re choking on smoke and waiting for an evacuation order.


  2. What a year it has been for extreme weather around the world – floods, cold, heat, fires…could there be some climate change going on here? Maybe we could ask the Lorax and dr Seuss! Hope your smoke blows away soon…


    • The smoke isn’t the only problem. The evacuation line seems to be creeping closer and closer. It’s getting difficult to keep the stress level down. I don’t know how much more evidence the politicians need in order to realize there’s a flaw in their denial theory. I’m wishing for rain soon because that seems to be the only thing likely to put the fires out. At this point it’s close to 150,000 acres burning. On the other hand after last year’s wild winter storms I need to be very careful what I wish for.


    • WordPress is messing with me again. It seems to have reverted on its own initiative. I’m struggling with all this smoke we’re having. It’s increasing steadily and the evacuation line keeps inching toward us. But thanks for the happy wishes. They are MUCH appreciated.


        • The fire started with a lightning strike on July 12th. I live near a huge national forest and that’s where the fire is. The hot, dry and windy weather has made it difficult to control the fire. At this point it has spread to close to 150,000 acres burned. It threatened a fairly large community for awhile, but they seem to have that end (hopefully) under control, but it’s heading in our direction bit by bit. Everything seems to depend on the weather and the wind direction. The thick smoke is making it difficult to breathe or do much of anything outside. I pity the firefighters.

          Perhaps on the bright side… I can spend a bit more time on blogging to take my mind off of worries! O_o


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