8 years

Hard to believe I’ve been blogging with WordPress for 8 years. What a fun experience that has been (a few minor frustrations notwithstanding… 🙂


The fog rolled in and pushed the smoke away from us…

The truth is life is full of joy and full of great sorrow, but you can’t have one without the other. 
― Andre Dubus IIIHouse of Sand and Fog


28 thoughts on “8 years

    • Thanks, Susan. It’s been a really fun eight years. I’ve met some truly marvelous folks here at WordPress, including you! I do know that catching up feeling all too well. It’s been a very busy summer for me, too. Life just seems to get in the way of blogging at times. I have loved hearing about your accomplishments along the way though! 😀


    • Good to hear from you, Robin. I’ve missed you and the Wabi-Sabi… perhaps life will settle down again enough to get back to following and commenting someday! Thanks for the blog birthday wish! 😀


  1. Congratulations Gunta! On your time at WordPress and your photograph!. You’ve been there since I’ve been blogging and I’m very glad that you have! And if I may be so bold.. 🙂 x
    Sincerely hoping your worries over the forest fires will be over very soon.


    • Thanks ever so much, Chilli. (You certainly may be so bold! 🙂 ) I’m afraid the best we can hope for is that the fire is kept away from homes. It may have to wait for the rains to come before it’s put out altogether. It’s already burned over 100,000 acres in rugged inaccessible terrain which happens to be a designated wilderness area. Perhaps something we have to deal with since we’ve chosen to live in this idyllic spot. O_o


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