sunday watch

Chetco-2783‘smoked’ cherry tomatoes…

Chetco-2829The view from my bedroom window at midday… luckily as evening approaches the offshore winds seem to be pushing the smoke back toward the fire and it’s thinned here quite a bit.

Chetco-2791In the meantime, we watched the antics of Rocky – our resident rock squirrel. Looks like we’ll need to rename him since the rock squirrel’s territory is limited to the SW. Our guy is apparently a California Ground Squirrel.

Chetco-2813Sniffing the dandelions.

Chetco-2806Digging for something. The digging can become problematic since they are known to dig in under the house.

Chetco-2819Nibbling on sedge.

Chetco-2777Finally, a juvenile stellar jay entertained us.



The concept of conservation is a far truer sign of civilization than that spoilation of a continent which we once confused with progress. 
― Peter MatthiessenWildlife in America



6 thoughts on “sunday watch

  1. I’m very behind in my reading! You mentioned rain in a recent comment, does that mean the fires are out? They’ve dropped out of our headlines but I know that doesn’t mean anything. I quite like the markings on your ground squirrel, and it was fun to see the young jay. It’s odd, the things you’ll miss… when I do move out there, I’ll miss our blue jays and our 13-lined ground squirrels. I won’t miss winter, though! 🙂


    • Not to worry. I’ve been known to fall far behind on reading or commenting, too. I just hope this is a no stress zone in that respect!

      I think they’re calling the fire 97% contained the last I heard. It seems there’s a tiny bit still smoldering out in the middle of a wilderness area where fires are allowed to burn naturally unless lives or structures are threatened. We were truly lucky to have the coastal fog and mist move up our canyon right when the fire was getting unnervingly close to us. That pretty much took care of it and that seems weeks ago. What a huge relief it was.

      The ground squirrel certainly does have some interesting markings, but I’m afraid he’s being a bit of a nuisance burrowing into the bank that our house sits on. That sort of behavior gives me nightmares of having the house slide down into the creek! 😦

      Do you have any notion of when you might move, or where yet?


  2. Hi Gunta,
    This must be a very worrying time for you. Hopefully the fires will come under control very soon. Thinking of what the people of Houston are dealing with and these awful forest fires, not a good time for the US. You could do with some of that rain and give the people of Houston respite but it never seems to work that way.
    A lovely set of pictures despite your worries.. Thinking of you.


    • Thanks, Chilli. It has been pretty nerve-racking indeed on top of the ordeal to sell the previous house and then moving and settling in. Getting the fire under control depends a great deal on weather conditions. We certainly could do with some of that Houston rain and I’m sure they’d be willing to give it to us… if only that were possible. Thanks for the comforting thoughts! 😀


  3. Gunta, I’m so sorry you’re dealing with all that smoke, and the anxiety of the fire’s unpredictability. I hope the wind stayed in your favor, and of course I hope there is success getting the fire under control, and eventually putting it out.
    Looking back on it, the week or more we were in the thick of it was really, really bad. Very little got done – it was all I could do to get through each day, between record heat and health-threatening smoke everywhere.
    But you’re managing to take some fun pictures just the same – I’ve never seen the CA ground squirrel – I love the dotted fur on its back and the odd expression. You’ll see a chipmunk-looking guy on my current post – it’s a Golden-mantled ground squirrel, so I learned when looking it up. The young Stellar looks as daffy as they all do, and the tomatoes are actually pretty in the haze.


    • So far, we’re hanging in there -and thanks so much for the sympathy! Everything seems to depend on the weather (which way the wind blows, the heat and/or humidity). The bad news is that the weather forecast isn’t particularly positive for putting it out any time soon. The smoke (so far) seems to follow a pattern. It’s thickest in the morning, but the ocean breezes tend to pick up toward evening and blow the smoke away from us. So, there’s some relief especially with the coastal fog moving in as it is tonight. Luckily we’re not under a lot of pressure to get things done.

      The fun pictures were serendipity as both critters visited the backyard. Both were shot through the kitchen window. Your ground squirrel looks tiny and much cuter compared to our guy! We suspect our rodent has muscled our resident bunny from his hiding place near the wood pile! The Stellars certainly are daffy. They provide loads of entertainment.

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