exciting times

Chetco-2511(taken from my bedroom window)

There’s been a wildfire to the south of us that started July 12th. It’s been in a wilderness area where they’ve been trying to contain it, not put it out because of the inaccessible terrain. This morning we looked out from our porch to see the above plume of smoke that looked a bit ominous. We headed into town to stock up on essentials and learned that the fire had jumped the Chetco River which had been one of the ‘containment’ lines between us and the fire. Not to worry, it’s still quite a distance from us, but given the weather conditions and the unpredictability of this sort of event… life could get a whole lot more ‘interesting’.….

Oddly enough we drove through that area just a few weeks ago (July 3rd) to see the remnants of a previous wildfire from 2002…


The current wildfire is close to this same area. AGAIN. I had thought that a recently burnt section would be safe from fire, but apparently there’s enough there to skunk around and spread to unburned areas of the forest.


You can see the sort of wild forest that surrounds us. The above shot is part of the 2002 Biscuit Fire area. By now the current fire may have reached this area. We remain vigilant and watching to see how this all progresses. Needless to say, they have closed off access to the road we were on back at the beginning of July.

As it turned out, home wasn’t a certain place; home as a feeling from the ones for whom you cared most, a feeling of peace that calmed the wildfires of your soul. 
― Brittainy C. CherryThe Fire Between High & Lo


18 thoughts on “exciting times

  1. I’m sure it’s spread by now, I hope containment is successful sooner rather than later. And hope the smoke is going the other way!
    We went up to Mt. Rainer Wednesday and enjoyed glorious views. Coming back to the parking lot, we saw what I thought were very pretty big cumulus clouds behind a ridge – only to learn that a nearby pass had just been closed due to another wildfire…September rains will be welcome!


    • The area of the fire doubled nearly every day until today. I don’t know if it was the eclipse or a natural occurrence, but it’s turned quite chilly. Doubtless that helped in whatever fire fighting efforts being made. So far… (fingers crossed), the fire and the smoke are heading away from us, but it’s still a bit too close for comfort.


  2. That does look rather worrying! We’re suffering a huge number of fires in our area due to lack of rain this summer. Rather frightening when you hear the fire-fighting planes go over you, time and time again. Keep safe!


    • Thank you! So far, we seem to be safe. The burnt area is considered wilderness and they’re just letting it burn. The terrain is a huge challenge as is the thick smoke layer. It’s keeping air support grounded.


  3. How terrifying this must be, Gunta. I have heard about this fire and I hope it is contained soon. Great quote and my wishes to you for calm days ahead. I see from the above comment that the plume has disappeared, and I hope all continues on this path.


    • Luckily I have Eric to explain a good deal of what is happening with the fire. He fought fires with the Forest Service years back and has a pretty good grasp of what it’s doing. We had another plume this morning, but most of the fire (so far) is moving away from us to the south. Having said that, if they can’t get it under control, the town of Brookings is in danger. Hot, dry conditions with strong winds in steep terrain isn’t helping matters much. Thanks for the good wishes! We sure could use some rain…. soon!

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    • I seem to have lost my reply to you. I think WordPress introduced some new kink (again!) At any rate… so far, the fire hasn’t destroyed any homes, but at the rate it’s expanding, it is close to threatening a town to the south of us. It seems as though half the west out here is on fire. Terrifying times to be living in.

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      • Certainly terrifying, Gunta.
        (I remember as a child that our family packed our car and caravan ready to evacuate as a bush fire crept up the hill towards our home, but luckily the wind changed. I must have been 8 or 9 at the time).

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