a bit abstract


bits of this and that and kelp floating on a calm sea…

To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float. 
― Alan W. Watts


4 thoughts on “a bit abstract

    • Thanks. Actually quite (very) happy…. except there’s still painting the exterior (done in sections before it gets too hot), but that gives us time for pleasant outings up to the coast, or up into the hills, but with little remaining for posting. We’ve been scouting locations for the eclipse, but I still don’t have my brain wrapped around shooting it (we’ll only get about 95% here anyway!) But we did get the glasses. O_o


      • I’m glad you got the glasses – we waited too long and they can’t be found anywhere now. Very disappointing – can’t get the solar filters for the camera or binoculars either. We’re at 93% here, which I think will be great, better than sitting in traffic for 100%. We’re watching the forecast carefully and have a reservation over near Yakima Sunday night, in case we get clouds Monday. I think seeing the world grow dark is possibly more interesting than looking at the sun directly when the moon is on it, but in any case, it’s difficult to ferret out a good spot in our tree-laden Pacific Northwest, isn’t it? If we stay local, we’re still not sure where we’ll go – a field somewhere? Not too many bare hills around here!
        As for shooting it, if I understand correctly, the problem again is having the solar filter, but I’m hoping it might be interesting to photograph the scene as things darken. You must be considering going to the shore, no?


        • I subscribe to an interesting site (http://earthsky.org/) where I ordered our glasses ages ago. We’re hedging our bets on location to watch. Oddly enough the sun comes up in a notch just up the road from us at the time of the eclipse. If we get typical summer fog that morning we’re thinking of heading up into the hills for a spot that might just be above the fog. We both think it would be really cool to see what sort of shadows the eclipse might create on the fog below. Shooting on the shore wouldn’t work since the sun would be rising on the hills to the east…. the eclipse would be well over by the time it made it over the trees in most spots.

          People are being rather nutty about it. We’ve heard of folks paying $100 for a PARKING SPOT at Depot Bay. Given the topography – a steep cliff down to the ocean, Hwy 101, then a bunch of tourist shops and restaurants lining the road…. again, it’ll be over before the sun gets above all the clutter. I just hope there are clear skies for all the folks to the East who are also paying big bucks for a viewing and/or camping spot.


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