floating down the creek…


WordPress seems to be messing with me. It looks like I’ve conquered a few of the quirks, but still some minor issues exist. I’ll deal with them later.


A great many people, and more all the time, live their entire lives without ever once sleeping out under the stars.
― Alan S. KesselheimLet Them Paddle: Coming of Age on the Water



17 thoughts on “floating down the creek…

    • It’s a very happy spot… around that corner there’s been shy-to-the-extreme herons and kingfishers racing up and down the creek and all sorts of photographic challenges to be met. Not to mention the salmon or trout to be had for dinner. But best of all was the glimpse of a cougar as we rounded a curve in a dirt road. He was just a quick flash. Even though I had the camera with the long lens, he came out as a strange blur that could have been a ghost.

      So nice to see you here! 😀

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  1. What a refreshing river, Gunta. The clarity in that water is sparkling and breathtaking. Looks like a terrific kayak adventure, thanks for taking us along. Good luck with WP, we have our ups and downs with it, but I am sure glad I found you through it.


    • Thanks, Jet – for the kind comment and the commiseration! Normally it might be a minor irritation, but I shouldn’t be wasting time fussing with it right now. At least I’ve managed to do replies to comments, but I’m having to sign in for each one! Bummer! 😉

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    • Seems I can reply on the iPad, but the keypad drives me crazy (I’ve already ACCIDENTALLY deleted one comment and lost one reply to you here on it !) Grrrr….

      Now it looks like I’ll have to sign back into my own account on the desktop! I may have to reinstall and as the comment I lost said, I may lose a bunch of stuff. Don’t have the time or the mind to deal with this at this time.


      • Oh Goody, looks like I can reply, but I have to sign back in for each reply. I’m getting a tad irritated.

        Damn! Looks the “like” button won’t work at other blogs…. grrrrr


    • Tranquil is the word for it. Oddly enough it takes me a day or so to slow down when I go down there. It’ll be interesting what it’s like once I actually live there instead of commuting (as now)! 😀


  2. Gunta, I didn’t have that problem, but when I posted anything, it is supposed to automatically post to FB, with the first photo or one I set as a “feature” photo. Instead it simply posted a general link to my blog with no copy of the text or photo or anything else. Lasted 2 days ,then back to normal. Weird. I hope it sorts itself out for you, too. Lovely green and water.


    • I gave up on FaceBook quite awhile ago. It just drives me crazy. I seem to be getting back bits and pieces here at WP. I had to sign back in to reply here. Next step is to see if I can pick up the ability to comment elsewhere.
      Just so you know… I’m still following you and your trials down there in god’s country. Sending tranquil thoughts.


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