poppy glow

There’s just something about sunshine making the California poppies glow…

When you have once seen the glow of happiness on the face of a beloved person, you know that a man can have no vocation but to awaken that light on the faces surrounding him. In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. 
Albert Camus


26 thoughts on “poppy glow

  1. There’s nothing on this earth quite like the California poppy. Your photos say it all, Gunta. (You must’ve been on your belly for photographing these, appreciated.) Love the quote too, and very fitting. They really do glow. BTW, kind of you to put my post in your sidebar, thank you.


    • I don’t think I’ll ever forget my first sighting of a sunny California hillside covered in these beauties. You show up on my sidebar quite a lot whenever I ‘like’ one of your posts! 😀

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    • Hard to believe how time slips by! They create the real gold in them thar hills (of California). I was enchanted the first time I saw a hillside covered in these luminous flowers (you picked a good word to describe them!)


    • Lucky me. They seem to like it here. I planted some years ago and then they self-seed. I just never know where they’ll pop up each spring. Though they appear to enjoy the cracks in the cement. 😀 This, my last summer here, they seem to have outdone themselves with the big batch you see above right at my back door!


        • FINALLY starting to feel like some progress is happening now that we’re getting some sunny days. STILL waiting on the slow grinding process of getting a permit for the garage which will provide a place for the washer and dryer and E’s construction tools! Hoping not to have to climb over all that after we’ve moved. While he waits for the permit, he’s installing the new windows which should have been done last fall, but the local hardware store “forgot” to order them and that delay put us into the rainy season which went on far longer than it should have!

          Closing on the current house is the end of this month, but we’ve been given an option to stay through july if needed! So, the actual move is drawing closer. I’m getting hit with a touch of nostalgia to be leaving a house I truly love (I’ll miss the teeny electric bills given the solar panels), but I won’t mind the change in the neighborhood. I look forward to birds chirping and the creek gurgling instead of lawn mowers, boom boxes and muscle cars screaming…. 😀


    • Thanks, Nick. They’re quite the beautiful natives out here, turning fields and hillsides to gold, with scattered lupines for contrast. I was absolutely stunned the first time I saw them.


    • Oddly enough, poppies tend to like poor soil, so don’t try to pamper them too much. My best success with them was in a rather rocky patch, but then they self seeded into other parts of the yard. They also seem to love coming up between the cracks in the cement! Oddly enough mine started as volunteers from a neighbors yard.


      • Then again… don’t take my advice (it just comes from observation in my yard). Here’s something a bit more knowledgable that totally contradicts me:
        California poppies like rich, fast-draining soil, ample water and plenty of sunshine. However, they are adaptable and will tolerate poor soil conditions and some drought. Work a shovelful or two of well-aged manure or organic compost into the soil prior to planting to improve soil conditions and help promote abundant blooms. Read our article on how to prepare soil for planting here.


    • That glow is what I love best about the poppies. They seem to be putting on quite a show here in my yard… you could almost call it a glowing farewell. So far, I haven’t managed to get any started at the new house, but it might work better once I’m actually there more often.


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