serenade II

Since posting the last shot of Mario (Lanza -for those of you old enough to remember), I caught him in the act:


This, if nothing else, tells me that spring might eventually arrive. Not to mention that apple blossom about to bust open.


Driving along the dike road, I caught this Mallard coming in for a landing.


Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is symbolic as well as actual beauty in the migration of the birds, the ebb and flow of the tides, the folded bud ready for the spring. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature – the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after the winter.Β 
― Rachel Carson


31 thoughts on “serenade II

  1. A wonderful quote. Thanks for sharing it. To use her words, there is a symbolic as well as an actual truth in what she says about the arrival of spring and the other repeated refrains of nature. I wonder if we’re less likely than our agrarian ancestors to appreciate it.


    • Thanks for visiting and commenting, Bill. I suspect that we are far less in tune with the repeated refrains of nature than our ancestors. On the flip side, I seem to suffer some rather severe sinus problems whenever there’s a developing storm coming in, but that could certainly be caused by other factors. It does make predicting heavy weather easier though. 😦


  2. I think I am caught up with you now, Gunta. Beautiful photos of these cheery and beautiful little birds! Mornings here are a bit more musical with all the bird song.

    It has still been plenty wet and cool here this spring, which has prolonged our daffodil blooms. I am ready for some sun, but also glad we are not getting the weather in the 80s and 90s in April like we did at this time last year.


    • The bird song is so thrilling (and trilling?) after this long, long winter. Funny I don’t remember the heat we had last April, but we sure need it to dry up so we can finish the needed work on the house.


    • Woke up today to sun streaming in through the windows, but then the skies turned dark and a shower came along. This is typical spring weather, but perhaps a month behind schedule this year. Getting out is still a challenge. We got an offer on the house, but another showing coming up in a couple of hours. Keeps me on my toes!


  3. Lovely to see that white-crowned sparrow on a pink budding branch, singing out his tune, Gunta. And wonderful to see the mallard coming in for a landing, such beautiful lighting. Great quote for spring, too; I love Rachel Carson’s line: “There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature….” Delightful post, as always.


    • The sparrow first showed up last spring. Seems he likes that neighbor’s apple tree. It’s a lucky thing for me since I can see it from the kitchen window as I do the dishes and keep the camera handy! Thank you for the delightful comment. Your visits are always welcome.

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    • Thanks, Beth. Luckily the right place happened to be my kitchen window, so plenty of opportunities for the right time! πŸ˜€ Odd how my yard was sort of empty of bird life when I first moved here and now I’ve been getting quite a few. Nice!


  4. I’d sure rather be listening to Mario sing than to the idiot currently shouting into a microphone over at the high school! When we moved here (21 years ago~wow!) it was a sweet little small town h.s. Now it sprawls over 2 blocks and sports a very powerful sound system. In daily use. Amazing how many different kinds of sports there are, and all of them loud.
    It sure was a snowy season for a lot of folks, wasn’t it? My brother, in Moses Lake, said they really got clobbered there. Just think…in some places it is already hot!


    • Oh no! Noise pollution like you describe is so very annoying. And I think they call that progress! Our winter sure seemed like it stuck around way too long, though it involved only a sprinkling of snow one time. Still the rain and the dreary, dark days seemed to go on forever and we were more anxious than usual to see it end so we could go to work on the garage at the new house! Rain today, but I think someone said we were supposed to jump (suddenly) to 70ΒΊ toward the end of the week. What weird weather.


  5. Birds in flight, in action, what a treat, these are beautiful. I just re-watched The Parrots of Telegraph Hill and it’s so touching. Even cranky, the parrots don’t seem to hold a grudge, and take such delight in life, in each other, with the sweetness in their eyes that melts the heart. The humans were pretty good too.


  6. It sure looks and sounds like spring…at least here in the lowlands! Spring is going to be a little late in the higher elevations, though. I can’t believe all the snow in the Cascades! Crater Lake has over 500 inches of snow, and it’s still snowing there!


    • We are still getting quite a few rainy days here. It seems they’ll never end, though the sun has peeked out today. Funny you should mention the snow at Crater Lake. Eric was just saying he wanted to see, never having been there. Personally, I find it rather boring, but that’s me. Nearly every photo I’ve ever seen of the place looks very similar.


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