Our sweet chirpy little white-crowned sparrow has returned with his cheery little song.


Though men in their hundreds of thousands had tried their hardest to disfigure that little corner of the earth where they had crowded themselves together, paving the ground with stones so that nothing could grow, weeding out every blade of vegetation, filling the air with the fumes of coal and gas, cutting down trees and driving away every beast and every bird — spring, however, was still spring, even in the town. The sun shone warm, the grass, wherever it had not been scraped away, revived and showed green not only on the narrow strips of lawn on the boulevards but between the paving-stones as well, and the birches, the poplars and the wild cherry-trees were unfolding their sticky, fragrant leaves, and the swelling buds were bursting on the lime trees; the jackdaws, the sparrows and the pigeons were cheerfully getting their nests ready for the spring, and the flies, warmed by the sunshine, buzzed gaily along the walls. All were happy — plants, birds, insects and children. But grown-up people — adult men and women — never left off cheating and tormenting themselves and one another. It was not this spring morning which they considered sacred and important, not the beauty of God’s world, given to all creatures to enjoy — a beauty which inclines the heart to peace, to harmony and to love. No, what they considered sacred and important were their own devices for wielding power over each other.Β 
― Leo Tolstoy, Resurrection


15 thoughts on “serenade

    • That was a pretty bit of serendipity. Of course he’s been giving me plenty of various poses as I watch him from the kitchen window. Another lucky shot was the one in the next post where I accidentally caught him in full throat (so to speak)!

      Hope you’re feeling way better!

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  1. Oh, I love that shot! I’m hearing them everywhere these days, it seems. That quote is something to ponder, but happily, there is another tribe of people, to whom power comes in the song of a sparrow.


  2. Oh this is cheering! We had a couple of warm days, and lots of birds came, and then the temps fell again and rain/sleet fell and the birds all went away. 😦 Things can certainly seem bleak without birdsong!


    • This winter feels like it just simply doesn’t want to let go. We get a bit of sunshine and then the storms are back again. I haven’t decided if it’s just weird, or if I’m impatient to get on with the relocation which is put on hold whenever the weather gets nasty, In the meantime I have this cheerful little feathered friend to cheer me up whenever he shows up!


  3. Fun photo, Gunta, I love it when birds are spread eagle on a plant. They have the gift of flight when things start to slip. I imagine this little guy is singing his heart out about now. Enjoyed the quote too. Always a delight, Gunta~~


    • Shucks! and here I thought he was practicing his yoga! πŸ™‚ He sure is singing his little heart out. I love hearing it, especially given how dreary this endless yucky weather has been. I think I spotted a lady friend on a nearby branch today. Love is in the air!

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    • The swallow is a return visitor. He’s a little darling with a song that brings cheer whenever I hear him tweet.

      As for Tolstoy, what struck me was how true his words are even though they were written some 118 years ago!


    • Thanks so much, MK! Amazing how it rings so true in our time while Tolstoy wrote it back in 1899. The more things change, the more they apparently stay the same.


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