Curry county


Perhaps a bit of why I’m moving down to the deep south of Oregon….


How could I resist?


You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.
Oscar Wilde
dedicated to Andy man


27 thoughts on “Curry county

  1. Wow, fantastic series of photos – perhaps the most beautiful coastline in the world right there. You’ve chosen well my friend. This place definitely sings a song only you can hear, and she also looks lovely in anything she wears. Enjoy the springtime!


  2. Spectacular photos here, Gunta. The shadowing in the last one, the tempestuous storm and fantastic lighting in the first two. Loved the Oscar Wilde quote too. Sounds like your moving has been progressing nicely, my friend — hang in there!


    • I think we’re FINALLY on the home stretch. 99% of the clutter has been cleared or corralled. Yesterday we tackled the floors (whoever dreamed up tile floors throughout was nuts! then again, the heated tiles have been nice during the winter storms) and I’m hoping to have the photos for the listing taken this week… then it’s going to be the constant search for missing items. Moving is such a bitch and showing a house while still living in it is worse. At least the last house we sold was empty and we didn’t live there!

      Picturing the house sold and us settled down south… hummmm! O_o


      • Yes, you need to nourish pictures in your mind of the house being sold….glad you’re on the home stretch! A flicker is pounding away at the window surround right now; at times like this I’m glad I’m not a home owner – but the rewards will be sweet for you!

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        • As in most things there are tradeoffs to home ownership. The last house we sold had flickers attacking the siding. Other than the racket in the wee hours, they didn’t do much harm! 😀


    • The wind can be downright annoying at times, but it does make for some nice surf. Thanks for the visit. Nice quote from Virginia Woolf you uncovered there! “[E]scape from here and now” a tempting concept at this particular time.


    • Hard to pick a favorite with so many great ones starting at Port Orford and heading south. I do believe that’s the best stretch of coastline in Oregon.


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