where the storms come from


I just love this sort of lighting… it looks a bit dark and foreboding, but then there’s those marvelous reflections of sun off the water. Never a dull moment. I’ll take it over screaming sunshine and a cloudless sky any day.

bubba-0262Bubba, scrunched up trying to keep warm about a week ago. The Rufous springtime invasion has started and the hummer wars have commenced. They are such fun to watch. I haven’t managed a good shot of the orange-red invaders yet, but hope to soon.

Oh yeah… and I have daffodils blooming already (at least for a week, or more)! Must be spring even though the storms continue. Perhaps not quite as severe as they have been. Oddly today the ground turned white from a hail storm that lasted maybe five minutes.

She turned to the sunlight
    And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor:
    “Winter is dead.”
A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young


21 thoughts on “where the storms come from

  1. Stunning and dramatic! I much prefer this over a cloudless sunny day too. How nice that spring has arrived where you are. We keep going from spring-like weather, back to below freezing temps. Crazy! Enjoy your hummers and your daffodils.


    • For us it’s been one rolling storm after another. I’m just grateful it’s mostly rain and wind and minuscule bits of snow or hail. The azalea is blooming and the neighbor’s poor camellia is looking pretty pathetic from being rained on so much.


    • I think the Rufous invasion is settling down. I suspect they’ll be on their way north, if they aren’t already headed that way. Been way too busy to spend much time trying for captures unless they happen by sheer luck lately.

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    • I had more wild stuff like this on the way home today. Truly magnificent lighting, but there was rain and even bordering on sleet and I didn’t want to stop for picture taking. Sometimes getting home to a warm house takes precedence. O_o


    • We’re lucky to have the Anna’s year round. The Rufous flock storms in and chases the Anna’s away from the feeders around this time of year. But they don’t stay long before they continue on north.


  2. Me too~ I adore dark foreboding skies and had to chuckle at your description of screaming sunny days. That is just how they strike me. I’ve been so enjoying over a week of grey, 60+ degree days, wondering when my daffodils were going to wake up…and then I heard the weather report last night. It seems a blizzard is heading our way! Oh no! 😦 I’m hoping force of will (mine) will be enough to ward it off LOL


    • Unfortunately, it seems that we send you these storms and they get colder and nastier as they head east. It seems we’ve had one after the other with very little calm between them this winter. So sorry I can’t make them quit. We need to do a bunch of outside work, but the weather sure isn’t cooperating.


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