if you’ve wondered…

I have had a few dear friends inquire, but I’m still alive and (mostly) well.


This crazy winter has slowed us down somewhat with wave after wave of rain and wind, but compared to the rest of the country we’ve been truly lucky. Unfortunately the storms seem to be reflected inside my head with sinus and ear problems. I’ve done quite a bit of hibernating.


Then there’s been this urge to start doing some serious weeding through the accumulation of clutter that seems to happen when one is settled in a place for any length of time. Hopefully the storms will start to recede and we can get on with this relocation.

I’ve tried to keep up with blogging, but for now it’s been sporadic though not entirely a lost cause. Hoping to be back in the groove again sometime in the near future.

When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.Β 
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


41 thoughts on “if you’ve wondered…

    • I’m hoping there will be an end to this wave followed by another wave of stormy days. At least I can clear through clutter during the nasty ones, but the energy level needs to recover soonest. Somehow this move has been tougher than most. Also, I’m hoping it’ll finally be my last one, though I’ve already claimed the past two as having that distinction. I’ve probably filled my quota for moving around and then some… O_o


    • I suspect this winter has been a bit longer and harsher than previous ones. Add to that the impatience to have the moving ordeal done and over with… It just seems I need to learn some patience. Whether that’ll happen at my age is the question?


    • Thank you! I do indeed feel better during the lulls in the storms and then another storm comes barreling in from the Pacific and my head gets all stuffed up. This seems to have been a long winter. BUT I have a daffodil blooming in the yard. Life goes on (until it doesn’t)!


    • It’s a bit strange, but the feel betters seem to come with changes in the weather… or from the other side, the not feel so good rolls in along with the storms. If you don’t like the weather, just wait awhile?


    • Funny, at first I thought I imagined a connection to the storms inside my head to the ones outside, but my doctor confirmed my suspicions. I would much rather check with the weatherman than have that barometer inside my head, thank you very much! πŸ˜€ I do check in whenever I can though.


    • Rebound is the plan as we prepare to sell the “old” house and get ready for a move… Hope you’ve done better on your side of the planet! If it weren’t for Sissy needing her outings at the beach, I’m not sure I would have had any images to post! Dogs are so wonderful!!!

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      • Chris and I were away for 5 weeks over Christmas and New Year, visiting Antarctica and South America for our 50th Anniversary. I got very behind with my blogging and don’t know if I’ll ever catch up with everyone. Also, the house renovations are almost finished and there’s lots to do, sorting stuff out and deciding whether to keep or donate. We’re getting there, though. Hope you’re happy in your new surroundings and that Sissy is well. xx


        • You’re still ahead of us. We just decided to start listing the old house this past weekend. I’m starting to get serious about that process – sorting and packing. Boxes everywhere! Eric is still working on the “new” house. This past winter one storm after another held up the main thing (adding on a garage). I’m hoping we can get that near completion before the actual move. I remember what it was like for you when you got your offer and had to scramble to get moved before you were totally ready. I’m afraid it’s possible the same could happen to us! On the other hand, it would be nice to have this one sold and done with!

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    • It might be nice to not be losing that groove all the time! πŸ˜€ I find it a bit odd, but it seems I feel better whenever the storms ease up. The nasty weather seems to have come in waves this winter so my health has been on a bit of a roller coaster.

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    • The storms seem to be calming down a bit and that seems to help the health. I expect that I’ll be able to get back to blogging once we get this move over with. I’ve moved so many times in my life and they don’t seem to get any easier! Thanks for the visit and the lovely comment!


    • Thanks for the reminder. I’ll give it a try, but things do seem to be easing up whenever the weather does! With any luck it will continue to get better as we leave this crazy winter behind. πŸ˜€


  1. I’m glad to hear you’re okay and only absent because of minor inconveniences. We here in SoCal are expecting another big storm on Friday. I’ve been busy also with the #Resist meetups going on down here.


    • I remember you went through a recent move. Looks like I’m about to dive head-first into one right about now. The weather hasn’t helped much, but hopefully will settle down one of these days. I follow a blog from a Big Sur resident (since I spent quite a bit of time down there in the very early 70s) and still know a few folks. They have been hit really, really hard with the huge wildfires last summer and, of course, the humongous slides that are happening as a result. Their one (virtually only) major road clinging to the hillsides has been totally blocked with one slide after another. Hard to imagine the stuff folks are going through all over the country, or the globe for that matter.

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      • Condolences on the move, but I’m sure for you as with us, the new digs will be oh so worth it.
        Our recent rain wasn’t as terrifying as predicted (wasn’t as much as predicted) but more rain’s on the way. I feel badly for central & northern California. Although the drought up there is officially over, the cost has been high.


  2. We have had our share of colds and strange viruses this winter too. Hope you are on the mend. This time of year is good for hibernating, getting our thoughts together and refueling…at least that’s how I view it. Take good care of yourself. Stunning images, as always!


    • I seem to perk up whenever the weather does, so the good news is that hopefully spring is on its way. There’s actually a daffodil BLOOMING in my yard at the moment! I think it might be a bit confused. It seems my hibernating has been cut short as we prepare to list the house and go through the usual packing and sorting and hopefully the “new” house will be ready. Weather has also put the skids on much of that work these past months.

      Hope you’re avoiding all those strange colds and viruses and staying healthy (and happy)!


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