pretty wild

I often wonder about these folks who head out to the end of the jetty during some wild storm. They often seem to end up as rescues (successful or not) by the Coast Guard (who also risk their lives for these idiots.

This last batch, with the toddler on the guy’s shoulders, was out there past dark.Β Just one rogue wave and the whole lot of them could have been washed off that jetty where even the coast guard couldn’t find them that late at night.


All that blood and…stuff. Me, I’ll take intelligent cowardice over foolhardy bravery any dayΒ 
― A.C. Crispin, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom


25 thoughts on “pretty wild

    • I didn’t even catch some of the wilder waves while we were on the opposite bank. They are pretty much out there on a jetty or break wall sticking out in the ocean. It’s not at all uncommon for people getting washed off by a rogue wave. Some get rescued, others don’t. Seems that our tourists simply don’t understand the risk.

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  1. Social Darwinism Gunta. Idiots now survive when once they would not have. The gene pool does not benefit.. :-/
    A similar incident to this one made the news during the very severe storms we had last year. Waves were crashing over the sea wall and there was a man and his wife with a toddler standing on said wall. Unbelievable and as you say, so often it’s down to others to risk their lives to save them.


    • I haven’t checked out the Darwin Awards for some time. Thanks for the reminder. We have plenty who should get at least an honorable mention, those who don’t beat the odds. We never did see if that group with the child made it back because it turned too dark to make them out, but at least there were no new articles in the news about their rescue, or lack thereof.

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    • The adults look like they’d be old enough to know better, but there they are! Quite often! At least they provide photo ops and a bit of excitement for those watching from a safer distance. πŸ˜‰


    • Thanks! Maniacs or dimwits. Especially the dude with the child on his shoulders. I see plenty of them going out there to shoot their selfies, but then there are just enough reports of those caught by a rogue wave to make me shudder. Apparently these folks haven’t heard the news.


    • None of these folks are aware of our infamous “sneaker waves” that wash up unexpectedly and pull any number of folks out to sea without any warning. I’m guessing these folks were lucky because there were no news reports of rescues or recovered bodies, but I personally wouldn’t count on Lady Luck in this instance.

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    • I may be getting a bit stodgy in my advanced age, but I don’t hardly understand the attraction either. Unless it’s a death wish. I doubt that these folks have seen the annual news reports of folks rescued or dying from doing exactly what these folks are.


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