the river Elk


Glimpses of water so clear…


On the way back down, the river was on my side.


The color so amazing…


Less clearcuts seem to mean a less muddy or murky river when the rains come.


Truly Oregon at its best.


It’s all downhill from here.


Sorry, no elk on this trip.


Life takes us by surprise and orders us to move toward the unknown -even when we don’t want to and when we think we don’t need to.
Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept



25 thoughts on “the river Elk

  1. I can see why the color captivated you – it’s beautiful. I was thinking about when rivers are named after colors, like the White and Green rivers up here…this one’s the Turquoise River, or is it the Aqua River, kind of a silly idea, eh?
    Beautiful colors all through these images, not just the water.

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    • Eric spent more time up on the north coast while I’ve explored more of the southern section. We agree that this is one of the nicest rivers on the Oregon Coast. Wish they could all be protected like this. We have joined a struggle to keep nickel mining from invading our creek’s watershed. There are tree plantations next to us and they head clear up the mountain along the creek, so when it rains we get the muddy looking water, but I’ve seen worse. Beyond the tree farms is wilderness… may it ever be so!


    • Thanks, Donna. That river took quite a bit of fight to preserve in its pristine state, but well worth it I’d say. We’re joining a fight to keep a nickel mine (one of the more toxic extraction processes) from invaded the watershed that feeds our creek!

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    • This river does that to me, too! One visionary fought for decades to keep it this pristine. We’re launching a fight to keep our ‘creek’ in front of the house from being contaminated by nickel mining. Supposedly right up there as one of the nastier forms of mining there is… though it seems it would be hard to beat a pipeline running through it.


    • Thanks, Jet. I just finished reading GGG. What fun it was. I truly enjoyed it and you kept me guessing right up to the end. Some very delightful characters there, too!


      • Oh Gunta, this is a real treat for me to hear. It’s rainy today, but I am smiling from this comment. Glad you liked the characters, they have become my buddies over the three years of creating them. And I like knowing it was a page-turner for you.

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  2. Oddly enough, my first thought when I saw that water was “Caribbean.” And yet we have mountain pools in Colo. that are the same clear aquamarine. Haven’t seen a stream or river that color, though. I’ll take this over manmade beauty any day.

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  3. Perfect quote for my frame of mind today, Gunta. I look at your beautiful photos of your blessed countryside, and I envy you. “God don’t like ugly” so I’m trying to adjust my attitude 🙂

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