taking a break

Those of you who have followed me for some time must have noticed that photography has taken a back seat to other stuff happening in my life… for now. Trips to the beach have become less frequent so we grab out moments when we can.


This is what the last outing looked like. Oddly enough I tend to like it this way. A bit on the dreary side, but warm enough with just a hoodie, very little wind to speak of and the beach nearly all to ourselves. Priceless.


Sissy gets to romp to her heart’s content and oh boy! does she love to run. My light jacket was just in case it started to rain. This is Oregon after all.


Interesting stuff washes up onshore. No idea what it is.


Eric gets to see some migrating birds. This one looked like a miniature gull, but closer inspection proved it to be a Phalarope. Pity I left the longer lens in the car.

Serenity is when you get above all this, when it doesn’t matter what they think, say or want, but when you do as you are, and see God and Devil as one. 
Henry Miller

25 thoughts on “taking a break

    • The beauty of our stretch of coast is that there are still beaches that are visited only by locals (for the most part) and quite often we find a stretch totally all to ourselves -except for the birds and an occasional seal.


  1. Good thing you appreciate the gray, misty days, right? I love phalaropes! Didi you get to see it swimming? They’re so bouyant. I haven’t seen one in a long time, but there’s been a rash of them along the coast, I suppose from CA or OR up to BC. There was even one in Seattle last week. Crazy, what the storms bring in sometimes.


    • I think it’s a prerequisite to living in the Pacific NW to appreciate gray, misty days. Eric is a bit concerned about the Phalaropes being here in what we call the high school swimming pool (a small meadow that floods this time of year). He says they should be out to sea, not hanging out in flooded fields some 15-20 miles inland. He also mentioned a lot of Puffins dying somewhere up north of us. Things are not looking good for these marvelous creatures. Though it is a delight to see them.


  2. Good to see a post from you. I understand about life takes charge of one’s time now and then, and I have been in the same boat. Always loved the view of the world over there through your lens. Hope to see your posts now and then. 🙂


    • I’ll likely keep posting whenever I get out to get some shots I think worth sharing. Funny how I used to never leave the house without the camera. Not so these days, but I’ll likely get back to it eventually. Thanks for the sweet comment.

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    • Thanks, Beth! Yesterday would have been a great one for photographs with the sky changing every moment from gray to sunny with rainbows and hail scattered throughout. Alas, I was far too busy to consider it. Someday….


  3. Lovely images. I love the beach when it’s deserted too.
    (I ALWAYS see an interesting bird when I leave my long lens at home…..it’s ‘Murphy’s Law’, Gunta).


    • Awww… what a lovely thing to say! I rather miss my meanders with camera, but then a house in a perfect location, but needing quite a lot of TLC seems to have taken priority. Someday I’ll get to truly enjoy the new location once we’re not commuting back and forth – roughly 80 miles one way)!

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    • The “impeccable adoring”… I LOVE the way you have with words. Thanks so much! I very much appreciate your visits. The wagons (and kayaks) are all forward! We may even eventually give up on the house I love so much up north here. If I could just move it to the new location… The new neighbors are so much nicer down south on the edge of the creek.


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