The teardrop monument

To remember the initial outpouring of sympathy around the world.


25 thoughts on “The teardrop monument

  1. Oh, Gunta, I read the early comments and saw what you went through. My God! How tough to get through, I cannot even imagine. And that is it, isn’t it? In the enormity of 9/11 and the other terrorist attacks, it is impossible to get beyond the shocking headlines. It isn’t until you hear a story, a human story, that the tears fall. This monument is so moving. It knocks me out that it was a gift from the Russian artist. A tear~ how utterly perfect. I hope to see it someday.
    I can only hope that joy has found you. I’ve often wondered if there wasn’t a story behind the title of your blog but didn’t want to ask. HUGS to you.


  2. Hi Gunta, I am back after a long break. I hope you are well. 🙂 I’d never heard of this beautiful monument before. It’s beautiful and a fitting sentiment. Terrorism affects people in so many countries. We are all part of the same world, as the shared outpouring of grief showed. Thank you for sharing this.


  3. A painful time, which kept hitting me in the face for years because I worked in a building adjacent to the site, as things were torn down and built back up. Re-traumatization is a real phenomenon. I’m glad to be away from NYC on 9/11 now. it’s very personal for New Yorkers, and still difficult. That’s a beautiful monument – there’s a beautiful one across the bay from the old towers in Staten Island, too.


    • It’s hard to imagine being in NYC at that time and the aftermath. I happened to be visiting my mom in FL on that day, due to fly home on the 12th. I had hoped to talk her into moving out here as she was sliding into dementia. A rather exhausting trip, but I didn’t want to take a chance of waiting to see when planes would start flying again, or when I could get on one. I ended up driving diagonally across the country to get back to my quadriplegic husband.


        • Mom finally got bad enough where I flew her out here in 2004. Tried to take care of both of them, but lost something like 30 lbs in roughly 6 months. Was so utterly exhausted I started having problems dealing with mom. I wasn’t hardly getting any sleep. Just when I was about to lose the only help I (because my friend had a death in her family) there was an opening in the adult foster home that had been recommended by home health. Still it was one of the hardest decisions I ever made. Hubby died in 2009, mom hung on until her 96th bday (Xmas eve the next year). I’m not so sure about the wiser part! 😀


  4. A wonderful monument Gunta, thank you for sharing this!
    When I got up yesterday it was one of the first things that entered my mind. I just so happened to be home and caught the breaking news, it was about 3 in the afternoon here, and then saw the dreadful events unfold. A day we shall never forget. The opening salvo in a war that has changed all our lives forever. Such evil is beyond comprehension.


    • Oddly enough I see the monument as a symbol of all the good will from around the world that was squandered by our politicians. Such a shame because it might have been a turning point for a better world rather than the disaster that continues to this day.

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  5. It is a beautiful monument and tribute. I lived on the east coast during that time and remember the events of that day. It was a beautiful blue sky day there September 11th, just like today here in my part of Oregon.


    • I’m surprised that it isn’t more well known. It’s quite a tribute. I can’t help it, but it irks me every time I think about the outpouring of sympathy we had from around the world and then our great decider just went and blew it. Somehow the day he told us all to “go shopping” sticks in my craw to this moment.


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