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Oh my! Can it really be August already? The summer has flown by with work on the new/old house picking up and then there was that evil gremlin who took over my computer for awhile. I’m quite happy to be rid of him


Heceta Lighthouse a bit north of my usual travels.

Then they gave me a camera, a mechanical eye to replace the mind’s eye, and after than, much of what I remember is what the camera managed to snatch out of time. No longer a memorist but a voyeur. I remember photographs.

Salmon Rushdie-Β The Ground Beneath Her Feet.


32 thoughts on “still here

  1. I enjoy your ruminations about photography and computers, and I, too, often remember things or times via photos, and wonder if that implies I’m missing the “real” experience. But I don’t think so. And it’s helpful – sometimes when we’re trying to remember a place, I’m glad I keyworded it and can find it – or if we can’t remember the place name but we remember roughly when we were there, then scroll through the photos around that time…you know!
    It’s good though, to break from it once in a while, like you are at the new place.


    • Can’t ever get over our beautiful coastline. Hopefully the busy stretch I’ve had will slow down enough to return to my favorite beaches soon. You have no idea how I appreciate your visits and comments. I always thought I was a bit odd to remember things in photos better than stuff dredged from memory without them. Even when I think of my mom, up comes various photos that were taken of her. πŸ˜‰


  2. What a glorious place on earth, Gunta. And a lovely photograph. There’s a fire in the county next to mine and the air right now is thick with smoke — your photo here gave me air, thank you.


  3. This image will serve as another reminder not to visit the OR coast in the first half of the summer. I visited this location three different times in July, 2009 and on two of them the marine layer was so thick the lighthouse, from this overlook, was a rumor. The third time I finally could see the lighthouse when the layer lifted for about 15 minutes early one morning.


    • What you say is true, but it extends into late summer, too -until the wind shifts. I’ve been so thoroughly busy that it’s rare I get out to do any photography these days. Found this in archives when I was looking for something on a particular date.This particular shot was taken 3/13/13. But to add to your point, driving home from Gold Beach the fog was so thick I couldn’t see the beach at all both on the way south (8/10 -roughly around 4-5pm) and on the way north again (8/13-around noonish). There seemed to be less of it at Bandon, but I didn’t take the time to head over to the beach. I could see fog from the highway, but couldn’t tell how thick it might have been right on the coast. So much for any way of predicting. We did head up into the mountains Friday night and there was one of the most spectacular sunsets (bright red and orange) I’ve seen in awhile, but I only got to see it through the trees up in the hills. There was some pink left once we got back down to the beach, but fading very, very fast. Oh well! πŸ˜‰

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  4. So lovely, Gunta. I am interested to learn that I am not the only one who struggles to remember what people look like. I was just telling my son this~You’d think as an artist I’d be able to remember faces but I really can’t . I notice them. I find myself studying jawlines, nose, eyes, etc. But then the person turns away and it is as though my mind is a chalkboard and someone just wiped it clean. I was beginning to wonder whether there was something wrong with me! lol


    • Oh, good! I’m not the only one to rely on photos. I can actually bring the photo image to mind, but not the living person. Then again, thanks to the software dating photos, I can now look back and see the exact date I visited some spot. πŸ™‚


  5. Gremlins begone and stay gone! I love this photo… and the quote. (And, apropos your reply to Robin, I also have difficulty remembering what people look like without a photo… and sometimes even with one!)


    • I have a hard time remembering what people look like unless I have a photograph of them. I always thought that was weird, but apparently I’m not totally alone in that.


    • Thanks, Chilli! I was pretty stressed over the gremlin, but luckily I found someone who took care of it without much ado. It happened on a Friday night, so spent an entire weekend in a bit of a tizzy. Also learned how much I am drawn to the ‘puter as if by some powerful magnet. It’s quite different at the new/old house. When I do down there, knowing there’s no internet, I’m content not to be away from it. Odd, isn’t it?


  6. Good to hear from you again, Gunta. Yes, this summer has flown by at an amazing clip. That is a beautiful photograph of the coast. I can almost hear the ocean and smell the salt spray.


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