Pistol River

Another new beach to explore on the South Coast.


Over the undisturbed dunes, except for the ripples left by the wind. This spot especially in summer is incredibly windy.


A closer look at the ripples left by the wind.


Sissy running free, enjoying her chance to stretch her legs.

PistolRiver-8678It’s a pretty interesting beach. We’re hoping to walk out to the big rocks some day when the wind isn’t so wild.

PistolRiver-8677We found a spot that was a bit protected and stretched out enjoying the sound of the surf.


The surf was pretty wild.


And then… my footsteps as I tumbled back down the dunes. Seemingly never walking or stumbling in a straight line. πŸ˜‰

The waves broke and spread their waters swiftly over the shore. One after another they massed themselves and fell; the spray tossed itself back with the energy of their fall. The waves were steeped deep-blue save for a pattern of diamond-pointed light on their backs which rippled as the backs of great horses ripple with muscles as they move. The waves fell; withdrew and fell again, like the thud of a great beast stamping.Β 
― Virginia Woolf, The Waves


62 thoughts on “Pistol River

    • Thanks, Inger. It is a marvelous location and better yet, it’s going to be close to home someday. The sand patterns intrigued me, but I wasn’t sure they’d show well through the camera lens. πŸ˜‰

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