aerie update

I truly lucked out and happened to check on the eagles’ nest during a feeding moment. There’s a sequence that I captured that I’ve decided to put in a gallery (or slideshow? click on the first image to get the sequence). What it highlights is that the dominant eaglet -to the right of the adult, the first one to start flapping its wings, gets fed first with no obvious interference from the less pushy one. Then… it’s interesting that the dominant one looks on intently, even looking like he’s giving the adult and the sibling the ‘stink eye’ while the other is fed.

This is one time when I’m posting way more shots than I normally do because it was impossible to trim the number down any more than I have:

What an exciting event to catch! I was beyond thrilled. It’s a wonder I kept the camera steady enough for these shots!



21 thoughts on “aerie update

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  2. Thanks to getting out often and keeping your eyes open, you are rewarded. We caught a brief look at a Bittern flying away today – we flushed it, but we never saw anything until it was well up in the air. I hope you get back to the next again soon!


    • I’ve only caught the barest glimpse of a Bittern. They seem to be pretty shy. I’m trying to stop by the ‘next’ whenever I can, but so far haven’t seen anything much happening. Last year I caught the single fledgling when he was just lifting a couple of inches off a branch. Hoping to get more of that sort of action.


  3. Absolutely terrific Gunta! It is so extremely exciting to find a nest, and then to come upon a bald eagle feeding the eaglets, well, that’s just totally thrilling. The dominant eaglet looks like he’ll be taking flight soon. What a wonderful share, thank you~~


    • Last year I caught the single eaglet as it started lifting a few inches off a branch. Hope to catch something like it again. I’ll have to schedule more visits to the nest site this next week. I’ve already been by there at least twice with nothing seemingly happening.

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