another lovely drive along the coast

The clouds were perfect as I headed down to Gold Beach.


Looking at Gold Beach from across the Rogue River. We’ll be moving somewhere near the base of the hill seen a bit left of center.


Heading back north again the next day, I had to catch these wonderful clouds.

curry-8404A closer look at the clouds drifting out to Humbug Mountain.

In a Wonderland they lie, Dreaming as the days go by, Dreaming as the summers die:
Ever drifting down the stream- Lingering in the golden gleam- Life, what is it but a dream?Β 
― Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass


39 thoughts on “another lovely drive along the coast

  1. I think this is what ecstasy looks like. In the middle picture, the clouds are echoed by the wind-blown sand, there’s such a wonderful sense of movement, and the waves of course reiterate the flow. Beautiful!


    • We’re not rushing the renovation, not that most renovations are ever ‘complete’. πŸ˜‰ There’s LOTS we want to do. The house itself was sort of so-so, but the location was to die for, so we bought it for a song and now we’re turning it into what we want. Luckily Eric is handy with tools. He’s built a couple of his own houses and worked construction in his younger days. We aren’t really all that anxious to move down there. It has been comfortable enough to stay there for several days (or more if we choose) now that the kitchen is functional, but Eric has been ripping the bathroom completely apart and moving the water heater out to an essentially useless cubby hole under the stairs. I haven’t been wanted underfoot during this demolition phase except for an occasional visit. I’m working at downsizing in preparation. I don’t expect to completely move for a year or more.

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    • Sorry for the double comment at your latest post, but I’ve experienced some problems with your new site. It seems very slow loading and I thought it was telling me I HAD to enter my website (that’s what caused the double comment when I interrupted the first click to do so.) sigh… I don’t suppose there’s anything to be done about it.


      • You’re most welcome, Gunta…and yes, it’s a sickening Hot down here again….Weather Underground says it’s 119.1 right now and the day’s not finished warming-up. I’ll stop now before I begin to sound like a cry-baby. πŸ˜‰


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