Ending the trip, or the last remaining shots from the New Mexico journey… It’s all about the birds for this post. Too many shots to put into one post, but I’ve dragged this topic out long enough already. So here goes —


One of the better shots of Mrs Vermillion Flycatcher. Those are not dust specs on my lens or sensor. They’re lunch for Mrs VF.


She looks quite different from the back. But…


Mr Vermillion Flycatcher stole the show with his flaming scarlet feathers.

They flit around, catching bugs in the air to earn their descriptive name. This was definitely a new catch for me.


This is not a noteworthy shot except that it provides a size comparison. The little flycatcher (female) is above the common sparrow. These flycatchers are quite tiny.


The Green Heron skulking in the marsh grass.


Night Heron likewise.

Bosque_del_Apache-7727A courting Cinnamon Teal couple cruising by.


A pudgy little black-chinned(?)  hummingbird. I didn’t catch him in the light to see the fluorescent flashes.


I wonder if there’s a collective noun for a bunch of stilts? The duck in back is trying to steal the show, flashing his wings.


But a stilt showed off as well. Then it looked like the yoga class was starting. Note the one in front to the right.


Blackbird singing in the dead of night… not.


A grebe.

Roadrunner, still no Wiley Coyote in sight. The best shots yet of a favorite bird.


We found this Snowy Egret wading in the marshy water.

BDA-7837Those lovely yellow ‘feet’ help to identify the Snowy Egret. But then there was this rather strange sequence:

It looks as though he’s choking on something. Or perhaps…


Judging by the looks of this catch made by the Great Egret, he might have caught something that looks like a crawdad, or someone who might bite or get caught in the Snowy’s throat.



tha tha tha tha that’s all Folks!



37 thoughts on “finally

  1. Oh how I enjoyed this post, Gunta. The Bosque del Apache is so incredible, how delightful to have this many species even after the cranes and ducks have migrated. I can never get enough of the male vermilion flycatcher, have only seen a few, and that red is so striking. That close-up is terrific! I am glad you put the flycatcher/sparrow photo in, I was surprised at the diminutiveness of the flycatcher. Terrific photos of the wading birds, and really fun to see the roadrunner, also a favorite of mine. Fun ending too. Thanks so much for all your wonderful photos and posts on your NM trip, I have thoroughly enjoyed it.


    • It’s so nice to share these and know others enjoy them, too. I’m quite ready to head back to NM again… or perhaps we should wait for cooler weather. Besides there’s so much work to be done on the house down south. Eric is currently down there totally ripping the bathroom apart. The pup and I have permission to join him now that the major ruckus is done with! 😀

      Hope you’re enjoying your time off. I’m quite befuddled about a book that doesn’t involve paper. I think I have Kindle on my iPad and perhaps even access to books on Amazon Prime. There’s this stumbling block to taking the plunge into cyber-books. Someday I’ll make the time and effort to figure it out. I’m thinking I would truly enjoy yours.

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    • Oooh… I like that! A stealth of stilts indeed! I couldn’t believe Mr VF’s color, so bright and brilliant. It gets harder and harder to pick a favorite.


    • Thank you ever so much for the compliment. I also love to watch and listen to our feathered friend. It’s been marvelous getting to go to the wildlife refuges where I get to see ones I didn’t even know existed… like that Vermillion Flycatcher.


  2. Fantastic series ~ the egret is always one of my favorite birds, elegant and photographic as you have show. But if there is one shot that was worth the price of admission, it is your 3rd shot. With the scarlet feathers, tucked away, the Vermillion Flycatcher is a sight to see.


    • I very much enjoyed being able to photograph the egrets. Here at home we have a lot of them, but they’re really shy. If I so much as slow down while driving by, they’re all set to take off. You wouldn’t believe all the butt shots I have! The Vermillion Flycatcher was definitely worth the price of admission! 😀


    • The BdA was a gas. I even sat in the back of the Jeep so I could shoot birds we spotted on either side. Surprisingly, some didn’t even appear to get too put out when we got out for a better look. Most of the birds here at home take off if we so much as slow down. Cirque du Soleil was my favorite stop on this trip, but the refuge came in as a close second. I know you’re gonna love it when you get down there!

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      • In Gallup now. I think we need a day to rest and check out something close by and of course Rt 66; but maybe Saturday or Sunday we are going to Canyon de Chelly, I am so excited! I’ve been “wowing” all day seeing the red rock formations going west on I-40. 🙂


    • I like that… ‘a teetering of stilts’! The wildlife refuge is certainly a marvelous place to see and photograph such a variety of feathered friends. Come autumn they’ll also get a gathering of sandhill cranes and snow geese…. as well as elbow to elbow photographers. O_o


  3. Lovely collection. Congrats on capturing so much of the diverse bird life showing normal behavior in natural settings! The flycatcher is unlike anything I’ve seen in that taxonomic group and really got my attention.


    • I’d not even heard of a vermillion flycatcher, much less photographed one. He was what took so long to sort through this last batch. I had so many shots of him, it was VERY difficult to whittle it down to a respectable number. The Bosque del Apache is a truly wonderful place to catch such a diverse selection of birds. I’m told that come Nov, the sandhill cranes and snow geese show up in droves. So do the photographers… 😉


    • Being in the refuge seems to make them a bit more cooperative. The Vermillion Flycatcher was a bit of a challenge. The male was pretty easy to spot with that brilliant red, but they’re so tiny and flit around a lot. Luckily they tend to come back to the same perch, or near it. No, I hadn’t thought of that turkey for an ending, but it did come to me when I was sorting through this last batch. It certainly was fun! 😀


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