a sparrow bath

I was finally getting ready to post the last of the NM trip, but then this opportunity presented itself and I couldn’t resist giving it priority. It’s just way too much fun!


Eric built this bird bath using a piece of driftwood for the post, attaching a clay dish (normally used to put under a clay planter) and then he added his whale sculpture recently created inΒ a bronze casting class. I need to shift the whale around a bit to show it off better, but it seems we’ve created a spa especially for a white-crowned sparrow couple. It’s too hard to tell the gender apart, but here’s one of them enjoying the facilities.

This slide show (click on any picture) explains why the water seems to disappear so fast from the dish. But we are rewarded with some lovely songs!

Every word was a singing sparrow, a magic trick, a truffle for me. The words made me laugh in delight.Β 
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love




26 thoughts on “a sparrow bath

  1. Irresistible for sure! We’ve been thinking about bird baths a lot for our tiny deck. This will be shared and studied…I think we’re on track now with a way to solve the problems of the bird bath and what to do with the growing driftwood collection (found a few nice pieces along the Columbia R. recently). Very nice sculpture! And OK, I can’t believe no one has said that bird’s having a whale of a time, so I’ll do it. Sorry!


    • Love it! Thanks for the chuckle (whale of a time!) I saw a pic of someone using that clay saucer for a bird bath and we started brain storming on how to put it together. Be nice if it gave you some ideas.


  2. What a wonderful bird bath – Eric is a clever fellow! Our bird feeders are in the chicken’s area and the little ones love to bathe in the chicken’s water bowl – sometimes 10 at a time. Always makes me smile.


    • Agreed! It is so much fun to watch the birds splashing. We put the bird bath out several months ago and waiting anxiously for things to dry up so they’d be looking for water during our dry season! It was definitely worth the wait.

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    • Eric is very creative, though I found the idea for using the clay dish in some house beautiful site. It works quite well. Just the right depth for birds to splatter in.


    • That bird bath has been there awhile. I’m so glad they finally seem to have found it. It’s such fun to watch them splashing with such abandon. I love the whale, too, but I need to angle it a bit better to show it off to advantage.

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  3. Totally refreshing! Great bird bath, Gunta and Eric; and perfect for songbirds. This white crowned sparrow obviously gives it the wings up. Providing water and a clean bath for birds is such a loving thing to do. πŸ™‚


    • It took the sparrows a good while to find it. Perhaps they waited for the rains to quit. That corner of the yard is my favorite. Not only is the birdbath there, but the poppies from a previous post are found under it. The pretty wand flower with it’s magenta blossoms has now added to the explosion of color there as well.

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