Life goes on as I disappear down the rabbit hole, painting and helping where I can with the renovating. Sadly my post for our recent trip went into a stall. Perhaps because this part wasn’t quite as exciting -at least from a photographic point of view.

We left off making it out of Canyon de Chelly just as a rainstorm was moving in. We stopped to have dinner and planned to head to the next stop in New Mexico, but then…..

That rain we encountered in the canyon had turned to snow. It just kept getting thicker and sticking more and more. We were headed to some pretty high mountain passes over some iffy roads, so it seemed wise to head back to Chinle to spend another night and try a different route to Chaco Canyon the next day.

no-chaco-0739The dirt road into Chaco Canyon. We didn’t even dare get out of the Jeep because the road had turned to the soupy sort of mud that sticks to everything. We did try to go a short distance, but once the car started to fishtail going up a small incline, we decided to leave this stop for another time.

no-chaco-0742Not a bad move since dinner in Albuquerque (otherwise known as ABQ) turned out to be scrumptious at El Pinto.

no-chaco-0745Eric’s dish with a bite out of the Chile Releno. He’s raved about the New Mexico cuisine and I really liked that they don’t bury everything in cheese.

Nearing sunset, we headed up to check out the Sandia peaks as the sun and the clouds played hide and seek.


It was getting pretty dark, but I was thrilled to catch my first shot of a female mountain bluebird. I had to wait until later in the trip to catch the male in his pretty blue finery.

no-chaco-0758Breakfast the next morning was amazing at the Flying Star Cafe. I couldn’t resist this fruit tart…

no-chaco-0761followed by a Morning Sunday. This was such a relief from the often heavy meals that are mostly available on the road.

no-chaco-0751Eric had a slightly more hearty breakfast burrito.

To be continued (hopefully).

Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way. 
Emma Chase, Tamed



39 thoughts on “timing

  1. And now you’re doing food shots! And making me want some NM cuisine. That has to be one of the cheeriest fruit salad presentations ever. And so nice to see you!


    • Thanks, kiddo! Each time I go back to this post I want to head back there for more of the food, but it’s about to get way too hot for me! That fruit tart was what inspired me to get Eric to do the food shots. The ‘Morning Sundae’ had nuts and Greek yogurt, so a complete breakfast. It was marvelous.


    • Age and experience (enough time spent in snow country) to know better! The food shots do the same to me. Almost want to pack up and go back, but it’s going to be getting too hot for the likes of me down there pretty quick. We’re thinking of another trip after summer.


  2. “Life goes on as I disappear down the rabbit hole” I love your opening line here 🙂
    When the weather turns, it cannot help but make a trip more adventurous as new ideas and plans are needed…and for me all it would have taken was one look at the Chile Relleno or any of the Mexican food and I would have been happy to have spent all day eating and soaking in margaritas 🙂


    • The rabbit hole is when life gets too busy to be blogging. I’ve been lucky to have so many of these delightful pauses lately. Eric tells me that “New” Mexican food is a treat beyond the usual Mexican fare found here in Oregon and I do believe he is correct. It was pretty dammed good!


    • Snow in the desert can be interesting, but also quite treacherous out on dirt roads. I’m getting too old for the sorts of adventures where you’re waiting to the tow truck out in the middle of nowhere. 😉


  3. Whew that snow! I’m glad you followed your instincts and rerouted your journey, Gunta. And your great meal, smiles, terrific photos reflect how very wise your decision was. It’s always a treat to see a mountain bluebird, and your photo capture is great. Enjoyed the quote too, thank you.


    • Luckily Eric knows the territory and was wise enough to back down. Some things do improve with age! 😉 I had only seen a mountain bluebird once (that I know of) when living in Utah. I was thrilled and hoped to catch one on this recent trip. And I did! Hooray!!!

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  4. Such a good job you decided to turn back. The roads around Chaco turn to caliche when the weather’s bad, it’s impossible to drive in and sticks to your vehicle like concrete, so good decision. Have fun


    • Luckily my partner lived in the area awhile back and knew all about caliche. We certainly didn’t lack for fun adventures on the rest of the trip, but hope to return to Chaco some other time. Thanks for the comment! 😀


  5. Oh boy, Mother Nature is always in charge in adventure, huh?!! Still, your photos are awesome, and what a sweet capture of the bluebird. Another great thing on traveling is trying to local cuisine, the food looks awesome. And you posted one of my favorite quotes. Perfect! 🙂

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  6. Oh, the sight of that snow made me shiver in my shorts and T-shirt. 😕 So glad you escaped the snow storm before it got worse. What a sweet picture of the bluebird of happiness. 🙂 I love the look of Eric’s burrito, and I would follow it with your fruit tart.


    • Sorry to make you shiver. I’m one of those who prefer cold to hot, so I was fine. I didn’t go for the burrito, even though it looked good. I tend to do better with lighter meals when on the road.

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    • The snow might have been a real problem if we’d tried to keep going as planned, but it was just a minor hitch. Those fruit dishes were a real treat. We even went back when returning to ABQ on our way to the airport. Wish we had something like that around here! It’s not quite the same if I try to recreate the Sunday at home. 😉


  7. What a perfect road trip – complete with unforeseen circumstances and lucky finds! So great when you can take your time and be safe. The bird photo is amazing and look forward to the male, blue, version.


    • The entire trip was like that. The snow was a minor inconvenience, but I suspect it might have turned into a nightmare if we had chosen to try to plow on through.


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