a misty sunset

Sometimes the more subtle colors of sunset are quite pleasing…


The day capitalism is forced to tolerate non-capitalist societies in its midst and to acknowledge limits in its quest for domination, the day it is forced to recognize that its supply of raw material will not be endless, is the day when change will come. If there is any hope for the world at all, it does not live in climate-change conference rooms or in cities with tall buildings. It lives low down on the ground, with its arms around the people who go to battle every day to protect their forests, their mountains and their rivers because they know that the forests, the mountains and the rivers protect them.
The first step towards reimagining a world gone terribly wrong would be to stop the annihilation of those who have a different imagination—an imagination that is outside of capitalism as well as communism. An imagination which has an altogether different understanding of what constitutes happiness and fulfillment. To gain this philosophical space, it is necessary to concede some physical space for the survival of those who may look like the keepers of our past, but who may really be the guides to our future.
Arundhati Roy, 2010

33 thoughts on “a misty sunset

    • Thank you. I’ve tuned most of it out this last week, but mostly just following the scuffle between my guy and the wicked witch. It helps not to own a TV and not to be in one of the primary states that doesn’t count until June? July? It could all be decided before we ever get to vote. Lousy system IMO.


  1. Hi Gunta, I’m hoping you will stay in tough even if I’m not currently baking!! I wanted to to let you know if you are ever in or around Bend let me know. I would love to meet up, I bought a float tank center over here (float central). I hope to build a kitchen again to get back to the bread soon, but for now I’m happy floating. I make sure I look up your photos often and can only think how cool it would be to be a stowaway in the camper van!!. Miss your company, and happy to see you are doing well. Seth


  2. A gorgeous photo and a great quote from one of my favourite social justice activists too😊. I’m slowly reading ‘This Changes Everything’ by Naomi Klein, who is a great friend of Roy’s.


    • Thanks! I just finished the Klein book a few days ago. Have moved on to ‘The Devil’s Chessboard’ by David Talbot. That and ‘Dark Money’ by Jane Mayer pretty much explains a lot about how we got where we are today -at least here in the USA. Thank goodness for the activists.


    • Initially, I was a bit disappointed that the sunset wasn’t more colorful, but this turned out better than I expected. Thank you, as always, for your lovely comments.


    • The figures on the beach were much appreciated in this instance. You should check out Arundhati Roy. She’s from India and very articulate. I think she might be most noted for calling Cheney a psychopath. A very apt description in my opinion!


    • Thanks, Charlie. The Oregon coast is certainly a marvelous place for extended walks, but I might have picked a time when the sun wasn’t getting snuffed and the wild tide wasn’t moving in. 😉


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