fun at the beach

The perfect day between the storms. Sissy really needed a good run and she certainly got it.

Sissy-6045Sissy playing catch the rolling stone…. (click below to see it in slide show)

Life is mostly froth and bubble,
Two things stand like stone.
Kindness in another’s trouble,
Courage in your own. 
Adam Lindsay Gordon


30 thoughts on “fun at the beach

  1. Wow, that quote brought back a wonderful memory for me. Thank you. I was given an autograph book when I was very young and the very first thing written in it by my dear red-haired best friend was that poem by Adam Lindsay Gordon. I’m assuming it is the Australian poet, Adam Lindsay Gordon? I also have a very old book of his work that belonged to my great uncle, so that is also special. Great photos of your dogs. There’s something very comforting about watching dogs just bounding along the beach, excited and free like that. A reminder to enjoy simple pleasures perhaps and not get bogged down by complexities perhaps. I always found watching my pets rather therapeutic. 🙂


    • So happy to bring up some happy memories. Adam Lindsay Gordon is indeed your Australian poet (click on his name and it’ll take you to his bio). Watching the pup racing around on the beach is one of my greatest pleasures. She just exudes a sense of joy and freedom.

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    • Life has been so damned busy lately that I’m feeling guilty that Sissy doesn’t get taken to the beach as often as before. She so obviously loves to romp around, especially when there are no other dogs around. Thanks, Chilli!


    • I had help, with someone else tossing the stones. But we’d been sick so she really, really needed that romp on the beach. It was wonderful to be out for all of us. Sissy sends a tail wag to Ivy! 🙂


    • She feel asleep in my lap on the way home. It’s not often I feel that totally limp relaxation. She really, really needed that romp as she’d been stuck in the house for quite awhile with us being sick and all.

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