South coast winter storms 

We made it down south just as the sun set. Caught this one scene before it all turned dark. The next day was solid grey with curtains of rain pouring down and I was too cold and damp to want to get out into the deluge…..


It’s all good. We got quite a bit done… Progress!

Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.
Ronald Wright, A Short History of Progress


34 thoughts on “South coast winter storms 

    • Thank you!!! That’s not generally the nature of the beast, but we can take our time and don’t have to live with the mess other than some overnighters… so I’m thinking it should be “relatively” painless. But all good wishes are welcome! Gold Beach should be fun. I love the town and we’re just far enough out of town for the peace and quiet (and view of the creek) and away from the winds and fog pretty much, but still not totally remote, about 5-10 miles from the beach!


    • Ahhh… the progress – the old house finally sold and now we turn our attention to some serious remodel on the ‘new’ house before we move. So far two rooms have been painted floor to ceiling, next comes new laminate flooring. The house isn’t much at the moment, but the setting is heavenly. Sits above a lovely creek (that happens to be a raging river at the moment) and is a mere 5-10 minutes from the lovely beach I’ve been featuring lately.


    • I’m loving the rain. Have always preferred it to summer. I think the Portland area, far to the north, is getting hit a whole lot harder than we’ve been. Then again, our flooding tends to be the norm for winter as the pastures fill with water and turn to lakes and bird sanctuaries (and the cows go off to dryer pastures.)


    • It’s a doozy. I’ve heard this same explanation of what causes perfectly intelligent folks to vote against their own self interest before, but never said quite so succinctly.


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