a trip to town

This time of year seems to bring alternating days of sun or rain. This was the misty view that I encountered on my way to town. I love the mist as much or more than sunny days.


One day in the country
Is worth a month in town 
Christina Rossetti


51 thoughts on “a trip to town

      • You’re most welcome, Gunta…and yes, we get the gray days occasionally, just had some this past week, and woke-up Saturday morning to find that it had rained the night before. I never heard it, but it was substantial enough to soak the desert and provide that wonderful, “just washed desert” smell. 🙂

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  1. Beautiful image, Gunta. I like misty winter days too. I like the moodiness of this type of image. Not always easy to capture in a photo.

    (dare I say sunny days are boring in a photo).


    • I truly love this time of year for it’s varied weather. If you don’t like it, just wait awhile. Perhaps another great reason to be in love with this season is that I love soups and this is definitely soup weather! 😉


  2. Lovely shot. Thanks for the reminder that misty days have their own charm. We seem to be alternating between rain and no rain these days. No sun for us! The days are oh so short too, especially when it’s so dreich! 🙂


    • Thank you, Joanna. We tend to alternate between stormy days with sunny ones in the mix. I’ve often wondered what it might be like to live in a place that has such long, dark nights this time of year. I imagine you have to work at staying cheerful and plod on through it. Then again longer daylight hours during the summer must make up for it a bit. At least I hope so!


      • It doesn’t bother me too much. Dark nights to me means candles, hot chocolate and hot crumpets. At least in my head, I can’t have those so much now. It is Ian that suffers the most and he takes Vitamin D


  3. The first winter we were here I thought – and I continue to feel it – that we live in a beautiful place. Even when it is rainy, even when the fog lies in the hollows (hollers in West Virginia), this place provides a way to calm down and feel ease.


    • Then again there are the folks I’ve known who moved elsewhere because they couldn’t take the rainy months we have. I love these stormy days far better than the super sunny ones we get in the summer.


    • Of course that’s assuming it looks like this every day? What you see is actually a slough (I drive folks crazy when I insist on pronouncing it to rhyme with rough – just for fun) that heads inland and follows the road I take most often. It varies quite a bit and I’m amazed at how far inland the tides come and go.

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    • It’s right along the road to the nearest ‘big’ city. I did pull off for a bit to watch the fog drifting in and out. It was magical and plenty warm in the car! 😉


      • ❤ does your phone or camera take videos? I remember on a trip to Costa Rica, the sound of the birds calling throughout the rainforest was so magical. I took a video just to capture the sound.


        • Oddly enough there weren’t many birds to be seen. I have yet to sit down with the manual to figure out how to take videos. Don’t know how many times I’ve muttered about doing so after I’ve missed some event that would have been good for that, but then the thought gets lost in the everyday list of things to do…. maybe someday? 😉


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