stormy skies

I do love the skies the passing storms create. It’s why I favor winter over summer on the coast. Perhaps I hope this to be a metaphor for the stormy events our world is struggling with these days.


To enter water is, of course, to cross a border. You pass the lake’s edge, the sea’s shore, the river’s brink – and in so doing you arrive at a different realm, in which you are differently minded because differently bodied.
Robert Macfarlane, Landmarks


30 thoughts on “stormy skies

  1. A perfect photo, and a very good analogy. I’ve been reading about meditation and how we can send peaceful energy out into the world. I keep trying but I either fall out of it and start thinkingthinkingthingking….or I fall asleep!


    • Probably more like the calm between the storms. This time of year we seem to get a rolling series of storms with some lovely bits to break them up. Amen to the world peace. We could use more of that.


  2. I think storms have inspired man for thousands of years, although world news today reminds me more and more of The Lord of the Rings, complete with Orcs in the Shire. Aside from that, have a Happy Thanksgiving, Gunta, and thank you for all the gorgeous images you post. They present a bit of peace and tranquility in each one. 🙂


    • Interesting comparison to the Orcs. Hope you’ve had a lovely Thanksgiving, too. The pleasure is all mine in sharing these images with folks like you who appreciate them. It’s just one of things I’m thankful for.


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