The SW trip – day 7

Next morning we drove back through Capitol Reef for another dazzling look at the red rock scenes.

But eventually we continued our journey… the Quakies were still putting on quite a show as we stopped to check out Johnson Valley Reservoir. This was about the only time during the trip we had a sprinkling of rain and even a few drops that were thinking of turning into snow. The colors on the Quaking Aspen were brighter and more varied than I’d ever seen before.

We didn’t go very far this day (roughly 100 mi), stopping to spend the night at Yuba State Park. This was one of the strangest campgrounds I’ve encountered so far. It sat atop a hill overlooking Yuba Lake. The setting was pretty enough, but it was a very windy location with virtually no trees (imagine that during a Utah summer) and there was pavement everywhere. I wish I had taken a shot of the campground itself to better show what I mean. There is a peek at the little roofs planted above the picnic tables in the third image from the end (#5323), but it doesn’t convey the full impression of these little roofs planted like mushrooms all over this hilltop.

If you’re interested, I did find a youTube video (click HERE) that shows the general area as well as each campsite (and there were many)! Luckily there were only about two other campsites occupied and we had spread pretty far apart. But Mother Nature put on another gorgeous show with spectacular clouds and an impressive sunset.

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.
Lao Tzu


39 thoughts on “The SW trip – day 7

  1. Boy, you have really covered some amazing places… I’ve traveled with quite a few people, and the best ones have always been of the attitude “A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” and I think it is because it allows for time to be spent enjoying and waiting for whatever nature throws our way. In the case of your photos, perfect lighting and clouds 🙂


    • We lucked out on these SW travels, except for not having any snow on the mountain tops. A touch of snow always adds so much to mountain scenes in my opinion. Can’t complain about those magnificent clouds though.


      • You have the same thoughts as I have had shooting in the west this summer ~ where are the snowy mountain tops that would make the scenes that much better 🙂 Looks like there is some decent snow falling so far…hope it continues. Agree with the clouds, though, those were amazing.

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  2. Stunning photos Gunta ! Around 8 years ago I was fly fishing near the Montana/Wyoming border when the aspen turned. Your pictures may cause my road trip bug to flare back up…


    • Oddly enough, even though I lived relatively close and explored much of that SW region, I’d never visited Capitol Reef before. It was great to make up for that on this visit.


  3. Spectacular scenery! Wow, your photos certainly show the beauty of this land. Well done. Imagine being broken down there without water in the height of summer. Funny about the exposed campsite!


    • Amen to that! It’s why I’ve never had a great deal of motivation to visit elsewhere. There are far too many wonders to see right here without one of those long, tedious flights.


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