home sweet home

Even after the most fun trips, it’s always good to be home again. However so much to catch up on….  we were pretty much out of range of internet and cell for a close to two weeks. Needless to say things have piled up quite spectacularly.

Just so you know I’m still alive and well- here’s a shot of the moon from my backyard the night before we left.


Think you’re escaping and run into yourself. Longest way round is the shortest way home. 
James Joyce, Ulysses


29 thoughts on “home sweet home

      • thanks, Gunta, I sure did! We packed in so much in just 5 short days..hoping to get back next year and maybe spend more time in the Point Reyes area and less time in the city.


        • Five days is not nearly enough to soak up all that California or the West Coast has to offer. This coast is so different from the East Coast: more wild and rugged and most important, far less crowded (especially the farther north you go)! You ought to think about driving the length of our coast, or at least the best part. I think that best bit is in Oregon, but I could be prejudiced. 🙂


    • Now if I could only catch up with myself and get back to commenting at your blog and others. I simply don’t know how others do it. Don’t know how long it’ll take me to start posting some of the post. Hope I don’t remember what we did by then. 😉


    • Relaxing? I’m drowning in dirty laundry and catching up on so much stuff, so many emails, so many posts to look at and comment on. I feel like I’ll never get caught up even though I’ve been getting a bit ruthless about commenting less.


  1. The perfect quote to go with your stunning photo and just-home message, Gunta. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. I recall you were hoping to see the eclipse — I hope you did! 😀


    • So nice to know I was ‘missed’! 🙂
      It might take a bit before I’ve sorted through the recent shots. First comes the usual piles of laundry and other more sundry duties.


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