The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

The dunes extend for forty miles along the central Oregon Coast. There’s a lot of ATV activity in places, but also some sedate little lakes for calmer enjoyment.


The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it. 
Jean-Paul Sartre


36 thoughts on “The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

    • The ATVs and dune buggies take over parts of the area, but mostly in the summer. We spent some delightful days on some of the quiet lakes tucked away when there were hardly any people around. The weather was perfect for kayaking and camping. (A well kept secret about our spells of fabulous weather between winter storms.)


  1. Beautiful picture and I love that quote, Gunta. I may steal it from you for a blog post one day. It means something to me. I noticed your comment above about not being one to want to swim in the ocean. I’m like that too. I want to be near the sea, but I don’t need to swim in it. I also love horses but enjoy just watching them. I don’t need to ride them. 🙂


    • You are more than welcome to ‘steal’ the quote. After all, I stole it from Sartre! 😉 I’ve enjoyed riding horses on occasion, especially on the beach, but I wouldn’t want to own or care for one.

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  2. Such a gorgeous vista, Gunta — and your photo is exquisite, highlighting the vastness of the dunes and coast. I also really like the Sartre quote a lot. Lovely post.


    • That vastness is pretty amazing. The Oregon Coast alone stretches for 363.1 mi (584.4 km) and that still leaves California and Washington. The really great part about Oregon is that legislation was passed many, many years ago that provide beach access to the public a certain distance above the mean tide line.

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  3. This looks like a coast line in Africa somehow. It’s very beautiful, oh the things you head for and find! and as always,
    I love that you were there and hopefully dipping in a toe or 2. I know, it’s Oregon, but it’s also the end of July.


    • Seems that sandy beaches like this are pretty common. It’s what I remember of the East Coast. Here, this sandy stretch is more the exception rather than the rule. I much prefer strolling along the beach than dipping toes. I may have liked getting wet in salt water as a kid, but no more. The pup doesn’t like it either. 🙂


    • Luckily I’ve never been one to want to swim in the ocean, so the cold doesn’t hurt my feelings at all. I was really, really glad that the weather in the valley was reasonably cool. I heard it was supposed to get pretty hot today. Even warmer than I like down here, too.


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