Bandon Sunset


Morning is wonderful. Its only drawback is that it comes at such an inconvenient time of day. 
Glen Cook, Sweet Silver Blues


35 thoughts on “Bandon Sunset

  1. Hey, I love that quote! I guess we can’t have it all can we? That’s a gorgeous photo. We’re going out to the Olympic peninsula early tomorrow morning for a few days. Going all the way to the end of the lower 48. I can’t wait, and it will be great to see the ocean again.


    • I keep hoping to make it to the Olympic peninsula someday. Started vague plans over a year ago, then hoped for this fall, but life just seems to keep getting in the way. Have fun, enjoy and do a little extra of that for me! 🙂


      • It was a hectic three days, packing too much in as usual, and whomped by a huge headache for the better part of one day, but as always, so much fun to get away and see a zillion new things. The reservation area was incredibly unpretentious – we got into conversations so much more easily than one does around here, that was refreshing. And of course, I thought about you.


        • Ouch! Sorry about the headache, but glad you had a good time nevertheless. We drove down to Gold Beach today. Too sunny and warm for me. I haven’t even checked to see what I came back with in the camera.


    • That would be one mighty huge shark. I’m very glad it’s only a rock. 😉 You may have noticed that our flat beaches (retaining more water as the tides go in and out) provide these wonderful reflections. It’s something that very often draws my eye or lens. I’m so very glad you enjoyed this shot.

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    • My favorite colors and also the preferred sort of sunset. I don’t like the screaming reds and blazing oranges as much. Thank you for the lovely comment and the visit. I do visit your site when you do B&W, but there’s no “like” button when you redirect to the monochrome version…


    • It makes it possible to avoid getting up at the crack of dawn because the sunsets are plenty for my repertoire. 😀

      Then again, things are falling into place where I might be moving to the territory that Kerry shot on his last trip to Oregon. Actually pretty much right smack in the middle of that area… Being 5 or 10 minutes from the beach might even make the occasional sunrise a possibility.

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  2. Definitely one for the wall! Gorgeous colours and shimmering reflections, Gunta. The quote made me laugh too, especially since I know how you feel about early starts. 😉


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