It don’t get much fresher than this…..chinook-0125

On the Pacific Coast, salmon usually is sold by species name because of the differences in color, texture, and flavor among species. Chinook (or king) salmon, for example, which ranges in color from white to deep salmon, is the highest-quality salmon and therefore the highest priced. Little of this salmon is canned because most is sold fresh or smoked. 
― Ruby Parker Puckett, Foodservice Manual for Health Care Institutions

29 thoughts on “dinner

    • If he keeps this up, we may have to get an extra freezer. I’ve mightily resisted until now, but we’ve got the one on top of the fridge crammed with blueberries and just barely managed to get all the salmon in there. Guess we’ll just have to start eating all this up!


    • Yep… I’ll get half of the 22 dinners (for two) we stashed in the fridge and freezer last night. I’m told it’s a wild King salmon. One of the tastiest fish I know of.


    • Wish I knew if there was a way to post a pic in this reply of the fish inside the hatch with about half the body and tail sticking out while he hauled it ashore. It’s rather funny… He also took a bunch of videos and I noticed there was a mix of admiration and derision from the other fishermen in their fancy motor boats. I’m almost sorry I stayed home and missed the whole adventure.


  1. I can’t imagine trying to land a fish that large while in a kayak. I caught my share of large salmon back in the day, but that was while wading. I don’t know how he managed not to tip over in the kayak.


    • Frankly, I would have been far more worried about the fish or a sea lion hauling him out to sea since he was near the mouth of the river, but apparently it all went well. The sea lion patrol guy offered to help him haul it in, but he opted to do it on his own. He has the video to prove it. 😀


    • Yep… he caught it in the kayak and hauled it in on his own (though the sea lion patrol guy hung around nearby to keep the sea lions from stealing his big catch)! Pretty amazing, huh? Meanwhile I got to stay home and chill and watch chick flicks.


  2. I caught a 40# king as a young teen in SE Alaska but I was in a regular boat. I can’t imagine the amount of work landing that monster must have been from a kayak.


    • This one was “only” 25-30#, but it took him a good half hour to get it to shore. Given the number of sea lions ready to steal any catch, luckily there’s a sea lion patrol that stood by until the fish was landed. It’s also a good thing it didn’t decide to head for the ocean.


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