back home again

Traveling and camping are such fun, but always good to return home to a comfy bed and the rest of the conveniences. A chance to see what new flowers have popped up led to these (not to mention the blueberries that didn’t last long enough for a photo op).


I’m hoping the wandflowers helped to keep the hummingbirds happy in case the feeders ran dry. The formal name for this lovely low maintenance plant is Gaura lindheimeri

Then there was something that popped up seemingly out of nowhere.


I have plenty of white and purple calla lilies I inherited with the place. Neither or which I’m altogether fond of, but this yellow one… well that’s a different story altogether.

A little something I googled about the meaning of the different colored calla lilies. The  yellow version conveys joy and light heartedness. They are given as a symbol of friendship. The website explained (without meaning to) why I wasn’t so fond of the other colors I had.

The calla lilies are in bloom again. Such a strange flower—suitable to any occasion. I carried them on my wedding day, and now I place them here in memory of something that has died. 
Katharine Hepburn


22 thoughts on “back home again

    • I’ve been tearing out the “funeral” lillies, but they are extremely persistent. 😉 This yellow one might have gotten the message. I actually like it.


    • Thanks, Jet. It certainly was a fun adventure and the calla lily was a particularly sunny welcome! Thank you for this and all your kind comments.


    • Thanks, Jerry. Problem is, you get home and enjoy the comforts to be found and then you start getting antsy to head out again. Seems to be human nature I suppose.


    • I’d never seen the wandflower before either, but found it at the local nursery just recently. It seems to be thriving on benign neglect. I couldn’t ask for more. The hummingbirds also seem to like it. I’ve always associated calla lilies with funerals, but finding the colored ones much more acceptable. This yellow one is pretty amazing. I love it.


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