dogs on water

Not a whole lot to say here….. 😉

My little old dog
a heart-beat
at my feet 
Edith Wharton


18 thoughts on “dogs on water

  1. It’s the season. I just love seeing animals so incorporated in their human’s
    lives, something that never happened with me til I left Brooklyn where neither dogs or cats go shopping or on subways or buses. With a life in the woods it’s a whole different story where you
    are attached at the hip everywhere you go and it just moves me so much to see it.
    I just read an incredible story about a Dachshund, I think it was, named Leo, in Serbia. I think he was
    and a bronze statue of him had been made and placed in a children’s park.
    Leo had given his life to distract and bite a very large dog to save a little girl being attacked.
    The child was scarred but okay. The statue , quite beautiful of the handsome Leo, had something like Small things have big hearts written on it. So touching!


    • I never had a dog before I moved out of the city. Don’t know how I managed to ever survive without one. As the quote says: ‘a heart beat at my feet’!


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