Blue-winged Teal family


Ms Blue-winged Teal floating along with one of her youngsters.


A closer look at the blue tip of her wing. Near as I could tell she had just the two young ‘uns.


This was a funny sequence with Mum chasing off an intruding duck…


and baby imitating her with its short, stubby wings. The following slideshow was the most fun of all. One of the babies started chasing after the bugs you can see as colored dots in the first image. At one point he almost crashed into me, he was so intent on catching the bugs. (click on the image to scroll through the slideshow.)

A Canadian woman was sentenced to 90 days in jail on Thursday for causing two deaths in 2010 when she stopped her car on a Quebec highway to help a group of ducklings crossing the road.


25 thoughts on “Blue-winged Teal family

  1. I love watching ducks and these pics of them are great fun, but I must say I was also delighted by the beautiful colours, ripples and reflections on the water (especially in the last ducklings pics.) Lovely birds and lovely water!


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