Lots of beach

The wide expanse of beach at Coquille Point is a favorite place for walks. Once again there are people in this image to provide a sense of scale. See if you can find them. 😉


Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. 

Eleanor Roosevelt


29 thoughts on “Lots of beach

  1. Thanks for the footprints you’ve left in my heart, Gus. Love you! And your photos! And your quotes! But mostly, YOU!


  2. A delightful scenic vista, Gunta — so rugged and wild. I like that the people are in there for perspective, and I like that you give us the heads-up on it. 😀


  3. What a beautiful expanse of quiet beach! Most beaches here in Queensland are crowded. I nearly had to get the magnifying glass out to see those people! Great pic as always.


    • Thanks, Jane. Our East Coast has the very crowded beaches and North of here, they get a bit more visitors, but I seem to have lucked out being relatively further from the mobs of tourists. So far, this southern end of the coast is not fully developed. May it remain that way for my lifetime, at the least.

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    • I’ve been told that the glassy surface is a result of the flat beaches where the water doesn’t drain as easily during the falling tides. It makes for some fantastic reflections.

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    • Our water is cold year round. I’m amazed at the kids who sometimes venture in, but most adults seem to require wet suits. It’s definitely not your basking in the sun and swimming sort of beach.


    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Jersey shore! But I’d guess it’s as flat as other parts I’ve seen of the East Coast. I’ve been told that you have to go clear up to the northern stretches of Maine to get some more interesting beaches.


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