Devils Punchbowl

A bit more from the beach surrounding the Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area. DevilsPunchBowl-3089

OK, so this does look a bit dark and dreary, but as long as there’s no biting cold wind it’s rather pleasant. At least I think so.


The tide was out, but the beach was still pretty wet. Plenty of beach to walk on if you had boots or didn’t mind getting your feet wet.


Some of the water was coming from this darling waterfall.

Some images from the tide pools. The shot with the orange sea star was out of the water because of the low tide. The green anemones curl in upon themselves when they’re not submerged, but open up to look like pretty flowers when under water – as in the second image. Those lovely looking “flowers” are actually carnivorous.

I found a tiny starfish
In a tide pool by the sand.
I found a tiny starfish
And I put him in my hand.

An itty-bitty starfish
No bigger than my thumb,
A wet and golden starfish
Belonging to no one.

I thought that I would take him
From the tidepool by the sea,
And bring him home to give you
A loving gift from me.

But as I held my starfish,
His skin began to dry.
Without his special seaside home,
My gift for you would die.

I found a tiny starfish
In a tide pool by the sea.
I hope whoever finds him next
Will leave him there, like me!

And the gift I’ve saved for you?
The best that I can give:
I found a tiny starfish,
And for you, I let him live. 
Dayle Ann Dodds


26 thoughts on “Devils Punchbowl

    • There have been occasional (but few) stormy winter days when the wind has been too ferocious to tolerate. I think the sandblasting is the hardest to take on those days, especially for Sissy who is so low to the ground. I tried goggles (Doggles™) to protect her eyes, but they didn’t work very well.

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  1. This was a delight, Gunta! What a lovely poem and loved the pics. The last words,
    ” And the gift I’ve saved for you?
    The best that I can give:
    I found a tiny starfish,
    And for you, I let him live.” say it all. Allowing something to live has got to be the one of the most precious gifts you can give someone. Rock pools contain such treasure. I’ve spent many hours marvelling over the beautiful and interesting life they contain. 😀


    • I also think it’s a good way to get the point across to be careful with the starfish. Rock pools, or as we call them: tide pools, are great places to explore. It’s mind boggling to think of these creatures surviving the monstrous pounding of the waves.

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  2. I would imagine that perfect weather all the time would get boring after a while, although I like to see how long that would take. 😉 But, the same goes for photos taken in perfect weather, There’s nothing better than a change of pace from time to time. I really liked the waterfall and the creatures in the tide pool.


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