a Siberian sunset

Well… technically, the colors are being produced by the fires in Siberia. The sunset itself was shot back here at my usual beach. Sad that their misfortune brings us these luscious colors with the setting sun…Bandon-2160

The edge of the sea is a strange and beautiful place. 
Rachel Carson


33 thoughts on “a Siberian sunset

  1. Lovely, lovely light on the water and sand. I heard about this but we were driving away from the coast by the time the sun set. The sprinkling of migrants winging their way up the coast adds another dimension, too. This one looks so good – you should print it!


    • I missed a blood red sun earlier in the week when I had rooftops and power poles in the way of a good shot. Dreadful to contemplate for sure, but also a rather palpable example of how what happens so far away affects us all.


  2. Very, very sad about the fires in Siberia. This is a beautiful picture though, Gunta. Perhaps one of my favourites, with those beautiful shades and the details of the rolling waves. I’ve had a challenging day or so in some ways but this view is very soothing. Thank you.


  3. “The edge of the sea is a strange and beautiful place” Yes indeed and you capture it well. Also, reflecting on the lives of those where the sun is just arriving ~ wishing them well too.


  4. I didn’t know that snow and ice could burn, isn’t that all there is in Siberia? 😉 Sorry, I shouldn’t make fun of some one else’s misfortunes. Great photo, as usual.

    During the summer months, our sunsets in the midwest are often enhanced by the smoke and ash of western wildfires.


    • I can understand the impulse to joke about it, but I understand there were lives and homes lost as a result of the fires. Apparently it was pretty serious. I missed the night about a week ago when the sun turned a bright, scarlet red. I saw it from the house, but had too many roofs, power lines and other stuff in the way.


  5. How amazing, I didn’t realize we got skies altered by such far off lenses. It is just beautiful, thanks for showing it down the coast here. We’ve had some remarkable clouds all year, far more variety and presence than I recall, maybe what happens when they form and fly and don’t rain.


  6. Beautiful colours Gunta! We now know that the colourful skies that John Constable painted were a result of the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883. The smoke and ash created stunning sunsets. As you say, it’s a shame such beauty comes out of such disaster.


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