Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge

This was right up there with one of the most magical sights I’ve ever experienced. KFWR-0733

At first it was hard to tell what the blizzard was from the distance.


Then it became clear that it was an incredible number of white birds (Snow Geese) circling in the air. Beauty, majesty and pure chaos whirling in the air.


I was awestruck at this amazing sight.


At times it very nearly blotted out the sight of Mt Shasta in the distance.

One of these days I’ll get around to reading the manual and perhaps figure out how to do video of this sort of show, but in the meantime, if you’d like a glimpse (you really need to watch the video to get the full effect of thousands of these geese taking to the air)!: CLICK HERE (and turn on full screen for the full effect!) 😀


38 thoughts on “Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge

  1. That is some crazy awesomeness in that video! And while you captured the Still version of it, your images are great, too. I imagine it was rather loud nearby, with all of that wing-flapping and honking that simply must have been going on. 🙂


    • I hope the birds are still there in the numbers (mobs!) we saw. This was shot near the end of Feb, toward the end of our trip north from Yuma. It was utterly amazing! And here I thought you weren’t a bird person.


    • It was very hard to contain my excitement at this sight. It was so wonderful and marvelous. You have to watch the video I linked to, in order to get a real feel for the swirling birds. Awesome is the word for it – not in the common way it’s used these days. I could say I was awe-struck!


  2. Oh wow! I would have found this a magical sight. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. It’s actually extra special for me because my children were given a beautifully illustrated story book about a Snow Goose for Christmas once. The Snow Goose made it snow by covering the land with her feather down that she had collected in a red bag. It was lovely to be reminded of this story and to actually see real snow geese! 🙂


  3. Incredible shot ~ and can feel the excitement and electricity of this moment within your photographs. One of my favorite areas and snow geese are brilliant to shoot on their own…making this mass shot so much more special.


  4. Unbelievable scene. i can’t imagine being in the middle of it all, taking in the myriad sights and sounds. Really like the first and last images, but I also realize that a spectacle like that must be experienced first-hand to be fully appreciated. Glad you shared this one!


    • Wish I could share the real thing. It was pretty darned amazing. I’d already had my first sighting of a Sandhill Crane. I thought that might be the highlight of this trip, but they were just a sideshow to the blizzard of snow geese.


  5. Wow – just wow! And they’re big birds too. We get hundreds of rooks circling above our house and land every morning and evening as they land for the night and take off in the morning. We adore that and the wonderful sound they make.


    • Probably should have mentioned that they are snow geese on their migration up to the Arctic. The sound was simply incredible of them all squawking… I was in seventh heaven!


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