lacy rocks

I suspect this lacy pattern in the rocks was formed when the concretions dropped out. Check back to a previous post for an explanation of what concretions are.DevilsKitchen-1588In heaven, all the interesting people are missing. 
Friedrich Nietzsche



30 thoughts on “lacy rocks

    • My understanding is that it’s a sort of “mudstone”… compressed mud or silt. The balls are formed around some foreign object by the tossing of waves and then they’re compressed when they settle. The balls seem to fall out first for the most part, with the softer silt melting from around them. The stuff in this shot was unique since it looks as though the balls may have melted first.


  1. Really thrilling, makes me put on the Holmes Deerstalker hat, these graphics of what was, who did what and when. I’ve seen configurations like this in Carmel at the north side tidepools, and also in Big Sur. Little dinosaur tracks.


    • I can surely picture you in your Holmes Deerstalker hat. I also like to hunt around for answers and quite often the blogging community provides them. I am still “chewing” on your last post, hoping to find (make?) the time to reread and ponder it a bit more and perhaps comment. It’s not one to skim in a hurry.


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